What the frell???

*UPDATE* I did email the folks and complain. So did Richard, owner of Thai-Blogs. They finally took down my “devil goes to work” picture. At least they’re civil, thank god!

Look whose picture turned up on Khmer440 – Cambodia bars, restaurants, travel and living » Blog Archive » Cambodia Barworld Studies: Bar Banishment


And yeah, how cute is the made up story about me there too:

Yeah. She was my girlfriend in California for a couple months when I was picking oranges. I took the photo, but we both had prints. So she probably scanned hers and that’s how it got on the blog. She’s half Spanish, half Thai, and yeah she got married after I broke her heart. I just thought there was too much of an age difference to make it work in the long term, and she always wanted me to take off my eye-patch (lost the eye to a chicken’s claw) during sex. I just couldn’t take it.

And I was going to have myself a good morning. Goddamnit! Well, at least a Thai-Blogs reader alert me to this, or else I would’ve float about as a face for Cambodian bar girl. Jesus, Buddha and Vishnu!


  1. KorBua   •  

    We know who you are… 🙂 and if people wanna talk shit, let them… they don’t know you. 🙂 Just stay tough sis! 🙂

  2. gnarlykitty   •  

    P’ Oh what happened? They stole your picture? That’s not you in the pic is it?

  3. Anonymous   •  

    Once again. Profuse apologies on behalf of the Khmer440 team. We don’t often make mistakes but when we do, we’re happy to correct them as soon as possible. We got your email at 4am Cambodia time and the photo was down by 4.05am.

    best wishes from Cambodia

    440 Admin

  4. Token Asian   •  

    And I was all bent out of shape for a case study in a book which used my last name! The author swears she met someone with the same last name, but I think she’s lying…anyway, it’s not nearly as bad as my photo being stolen and having fiction written about me.

    Some of the foreign a-holes in Japan did that (use my name in a never ending story type newsletter), a really bitchy, sadistic human trafficking character. I didn’t even dignify that slander with a complaint e-mail. They probably assumed I didn’t read it. F*ckers!!!!!!

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