The Den Makeover

If you were here a few hours ago, you would’ve said, “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED HERE??”

But now, I fixed it. And I made it better!

At the encouragement of Kitz, I played around with CSS to upgrade the look of the Den. And got stuck with hideous weird format I couldn’t get out of.

So I wiped the entire thing out and start with a fresh Blogger template, saving my side bar links on a Notepad.

I tweaked and tweaked and played with photoshop and tweaked and pasted the codes back in and tweaked and deleted and deleted and added and prayed that I didn’t screw up or we’ll have to start from the top again.

There are still some weirdness when you look at archived post which I don’t know how to fix. (Any help from the pros would be appreciated. Just leave me a post and I’ll email you right back.)

And here you have it, kids. We’re celebrating 3 year anniversary of the OakMonster’s Den (on the 12th) and just over 10,000 visitors with a face lift.

Hope you like it!


  1. KorBua   •  

    P’Oh has turned pink!!! 🙂 Cute face life ka!

  2. Token Asian   •  

    Happy 3rd Anniversary, Oak Monster!

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