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Kitz changed the look of her blog last night as well. Great minds think alike!

Amy called to let me know she was bringing the birthday card for us to sign for Eva. (Happy Birthday, darling!) I was suddenly reminded that I should probably deck out her cubicle before she gets there. “Good morning,” chimed Eva, not 2 seconds after I hung up the phone. Well, crap. So much for the birthday ambush. Timing is frelling everything, isn’t it?

That reminded me of when we tried to surprise Amy last month. We were all in her office, putting up streamers and balloons. I came out to get more tape and saw her turning the corner. Our receptionist was trying her damnest to stall Amy as instructed. I ran back into the room, “She’s here! She’s here!” and the girls were still scrambling. Not a moment later, Amy came up to her door. Not knowing what to do, Eva slammed the door her face. LOL.

Nhien made 6 ramekins of FANTASITILICIOUS creme brulee to make up for the tofu flan (that’s right, TOFU) she brought over for St. Patty’s dinner and also to thank Brandon for a little technical help he provided. I rightfully ate one at lunch as a toll to carry the tray back on the bus.

Join the movement and hop on the bandwagon of (RED). Buy stuff and portion of it will benefit Global Funds to fight AIDS. Gee. That sounds a lot like the Siamese Pixie Store…*hint*hint*

Upon seeing the 5 remaining ramekins of creme brulee…

Brandon: Why are you Asian women bent on making me fat?
Me: Because then we’d look even smaller.

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  1. gnarlykitty   •  

    P’ Oakley your blog looks yummy! Feels like I should eat it with marshmallows.. Haha

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