1. gnarlykitty   •  

    Oh m ygod that is horrible!! I saw tha tvid of MJF and its so sad… And that guy thinks he’s faking it?? Oh my god..

  2. Olaina.PhotosandArt   •  

    Clearly the fat ass has never met anyone with Parkinsons. What a jerk. I hate him more than I used to hate him. And I love Michael J. Fox more than I used to love him (seriously, picture a teen with Teen Magazine and the centerfolds perhaps taped to her bulletin board, or was that Ralph Macchio or Ricky Schroeder?). Michael J. Fox is BRAVE and CORAGEOUS and DESPERATE and HOPEFUL to use what little energy he has each day to FIGHT to find a cure, Godwilling during his lifetime.

    I know people with Parkinson’s and they certainly don’t spend their days working as hard as it was to even just make that commercial. And it really is as bad as he looked.

    Sorry for the blog length rant, but I’m so ANGRY. grr…. I’d better go to The Espresso Garden now or I’m going to snap at someone today. Stupid Limbaugh. Stupid street getting dug up outside my apartment building. gosh it’s loud in here!

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