Ailments for all!

Brandon went to see a podiatist this morning about the pain in his foot. He came home with a diagnose for something-aritis and bone spur. And the way he walks didn’t help. Apparently the muscles and/or tendons in his foot is swollen so they taped it up, gave him a temporary shoe insert to help correct the way he puts pressure on his foot, and sent him home with the prescription for Celebrex to help with the pain and swelling. He is due to go back next week.

I know, I know. Celebrex. The heart attack causing drug. That’s really not our problem today.

Brandon has high tolerance for pain and low tolerance for pain killer. As in, he went 3 days with a broken and dislocated wrist on just Tylenols and didn’t even complain once, but give him one Vicodin for his migraine and sayonara, see you tomorrow, sleeping beauty.

Brandon took Celebrex around 8 a.m. Around 2 p.m. he called me.

B: What’s up, babe!!

Me: Wow. Someone’s unsually cheery.

B: I’m going home. Actually, more like I’m getting sent home.

Me: You okay?

B: Yeah. But I’m loopy.

Me: What?

B: Celebrex makes me all dopey and stuff. Even Erik wouldn’t let me drive to lunch. So, I’m going home now. Bye!

Oh yeah. He sounded like he was on cloud 9. That’s not normal for him. LOL. So, he went home and straight to bed to sleep off the effect. He’s okay now, feeling less loopy. He’ll be taking the medicine at night for the week.

And then there’s me. And my silly stomach. It’s been hurting since last night. Perhaps I over-ate. Then again, I had to make good of my $30 birthday gift certficate to McCormick & Schmick’s. I had scallops and tiger shrimps in lemon garlic sauce with asparagus, potato cake type thing and red cabbage kraut. It was REALLY REALLY good. But I still like this dish with their port wine sauce better. That sauce with the scallops was divine. Anyhoo. So I downed my lunch, a lot more that what I usually had to eat for that meal. By dinner time, I didn’t really want to eat, but I did get drawn into leftover spaghetti like moth to flames.

And burnt, I did get.

I had a horrible time trying to go sleep last night. I felt uncomfortably full way after dinner. This morning, I even waited out until I was feeling hungry to eat breakfast.

The moment the food hit my stomach, I started to feel the pain. It’s not like Oh my god I’m going to die kind of pain, but enough to distract and annoy you. The pain lingered until lunchtime. Figured, I was cured, I had my lunch. And here there we went again.

Okay, so if eating is an issue, I’ll make it easier on my stomach. For dinner, I made egg flower soup. Nice. Light. Protein packed. Easy to digest. I had a small bowl, mainly just to get food into my system. It stayed there and I wasn’t hurting. Ohh….until maybe half an hour ago?

I think it’s my turn to go to the doctor…


  1. lillian   •  

    Just take those pills your hubby is taking and stay home from work … 🙂 hope you feel better soon, eating less might help. In Thailand we would just say ‘food poisoning’ haha..

  2. Rude Cactus   •  

    Ugh. I hope you BOTH feel better!

  3. KorBua   •  

    Hope Brandon feels better soon. 🙂 I have the same prob with eating. I tend to eat more than I should. This probably explains the fact that I’m overweight! 😛 hahaha… but I hope you feel better. 🙂

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