Friends and Trojans

One of the first things I read this morning that moved me to tears and filled me with the warm and fuzzy feeling and with pride.

FLOORED – Los Angeles Times

An Anonymous donor donated $5 million to USC Galen Center. Instead of putting his own name or his late son’s, he has the name “James Sterkel” imprinted on the court. It has come to a complete surprise to the family of Jim.

Anonymous and Jim had been friends since their freshman year at USC in 1955 until he died of cancer in 1997. Jim played on USC basketball team. He wasn’t the star. He wasn’t the legend. But why is his name on the court?

To which Anonymous says, “If you have a friend for 50 years, isn’t that big enough?”

I have never been so proud to be a Trojan. After all, “Faithful” is one of the 5 qualities of an ideal Trojan. And Anonymous proves it.

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  1. 'Mazing Amy   •  

    I am so proud to be a Trojan!

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