Things I get away with

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Only a girl who’d boldly put a basket on her head could get away with such act of craziness in front of the company’s CEO.

Not the wearing of the basket, mind you. Well, I could get away with that too. But here’s the story.

I was assisting our CEO with making copies of a large poster. I had to walk away to get a kleenex because with the Santa Ana wind blowing out there, even my prescription nose spray wasn’t holding down the allergies.

When I came back, sniffly with a kleenex, the Cool Cat VP was just around the corner.

“Oakley, are you okay?” asked CCVP. He looked genuinely concern.

I threw myself at him.

“Oh, CCVP! Life is just so sad!!” I fake-sobbed and clung to his arm.

Laughter all around. I let go of him and started back toward the copier and CEO. The CEO was smiling broadly.

CCVP said after me, “Wow. It’s that bad, huh?”

Still fake-sobbing, “You have no idea, CCVP! I would jump off the window right now but it’s closed.” And I went back to help the CEO with copying.

We’re on 30-something floor and windows are sealed. The CEO was now chuckling.

Another coworker chimed in, “Oh yeah, if you were to throw yourself out this window, all you’re going to get is a broken nose.”

I came around the corner again, throwing myself at the Coworker, “Oh my god, Coworker! That’s even worse! I am NOT going to make a pretty corpse!”

Now the CEO lost it, walking away without another word with his finished copies.

Thank you. Thank you very much. Will be here all week. ;-D


  1. Pondering   •  

    lol that was funny 🙂

  2. Korbua   •  

    hahaha and he walked away without saying another word. 😛 Seems like u had a great time at work… 🙂

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