Silver linings

Thanks Nan (Owen’s mama) for asking about the health of our messed up household. 🙂 I figured I might just give you guys an update as well.

Today is the first day I didn’t have the slightest pain in my stomach. Double dose of Prilosec paid off after all. I am still eating with caution and haven’t touched any alcohol or spicy food. But the portion of food I can handle per sitting seems to get closer to the usual amount.

So far, I have been eating every 2-3 hours. I’d start the day with a Prilosec with plenty of water and maybe a chunk of Luna bar on the bus. Then once I get to work around 7:45-8 a.m., I’d have either a cup of yogurt with granola or a packet of instant oatmeal. By 10 a.m. I’d snack. Then 12-12:30 I’d have my small lunch. Around 3 p.m. I’d snack again. On the bus, before I’d curl up for a nap, I’d nosh on another chunk of Luna bar. The moment I get home, I’d take the other Prilosec and nosh some more while fixing dinner.

Since I am keeping up the constant eating habit, I must upgrade my snacks. As of this past week, my choices have been a) gnawing on a Luna bar a day, b) about 1/2 cup of Cheeze-Its Party Mix, c) half a bagel and cream cheese, or d) one mini-muffin sized brownie.

Yep. Definitely need an upgrade.

Well, the feeding schedule I must make permanent. Additionally I must also watch out for spicy food, tomatoes, and orange juice. Alcohol will also be in moderation. Drinking beer 3 nights in a row is not going to be something I can do any more, I’m afraid.

If I’m progressing at this rate, I should be back to normal and drinking again by next week! Just in time for my 30th birthday!

As for my darling white boy with the special flipper, after Thanksgiving he’s going in to get a shoe insert made. The cushion they taped to his foot has been helping him tremendously and the Celebrex did help getting rid of the swelling. So, now the hubby is off the med and relatively pain free.

And as for my mom, last I heard from my dad she’s still holding steady. Her main diet is still consisted of Ensure. She has some cravings for food but would end up having a few bites and stops because she is afraid she’d throw up. Plus her sense of smell being in overdrive, sometimes the food would get there but the smell was off, then she wouldn’t eat it.

All in all, she would probably be moving back to our house at the end of this month. The living room/mom’s room renovation is finally finished!!

The committee (dad and the Aunties) are searching for a physical therapist who would do house calls. Mom has never been a fan of exercise, to begin with. She has been wishy washy about therapy this entire time, but dad said she has been a bit less cooperative this past few months. They are worried that she’d refuse to leave the house to go to the hospital for PT altogether.

Stubborness runs in the family, I think. I may not listen to my mom, but I ALWAYS listen to my doctors. 🙂

And finally, a proof that the Trojans fan were not crazy when we protested the 2 game-changing calls made by referrees at the USC-Texas National Championship game earlier this year. Originally reported in full details on Yahoo! but here sums it up for your reading pleasure.

Replay officials at last season’s Rose Bowl were unable to properly review a Texas touchdown that should have been overturned because the wrong television feed was plugged into a monitor.

That’s right. THEY. FUCKED. UP. The monitor was plugged into a crowd shot. D-fucking-UH! Apparently, the same thing happened with Reggie’s attempt at backward pass as well. If they noticed the problem the first time, why the hell did they not fix it??

At least we know we REALLY got cheated out of that victory instead of just thinking we did.

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  1. Chris Holland   •  

    now now Oakz, still grousing over the Trojan rosebowl loss? It’s okay, accept it, trojans lost fair and square, to the superior Texans 8) MHWAAAH HAHAHAA.

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