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Most fun I’ve ever had at Homecoming. Ever!

You see, when I was in college, I was with Trojan Pride. So we’d either be painting faces at a booth or at Coliseum 2 hours ahead putting pom-poms on the seat. Although we’d have with us a cooler full of jello shots… 😉 But I have never ever tailgate on campus. Not quite like this!

There is no better way to welcome myself back to the Land of the Eating and Drinking than getting fed food and booze by your fellow Trojan brothers and sisters on campus at Homecoming!!

I had the best carne asada on the planet. A beer. A tall cup and a half of the best Mai Tai on the planet. And in there somewhere is a cup of nasty ass Tampico and Prestige vodka. *shudder* *gag* *shudder* And my stomach handled everything just fine. (I am still on double dose of Prilosec though.)

Michael hooked us up with his fraternity’s “booth”–well, it’s a tent with a BBQ a few tables and lots of booze…LOL–and we started at their booth around 1 p.m. Beer. Carne Asada. Tampico and Vodka.

Then we walked over to hang out with my Trojan Big Brother Joel and met his girlfriend Zoe. Mai Tai and chips and dips.

We returned to the center of campus so I can pick up my Riverdance tickets from my bus mate. An Oregonian, she disguised herself in a pair of maroon sweatpants to avoid being mauled by us Trojans. LOL. Then we returned to the fraternity for some more asada.

Finally, I headed back to Joel again for another Mai Tai. Michael came to join me and helped pack up Joel’s tailgate.

We then ran over to find Tiffany and her tailgate over in the Coliseum parking lot. I don’t know how many drinks she had when she gave us direction as to where they were, but for the life of us we couldn’t find them.

Tiffany: Oakley, where are you guys?
Me: We’re on campus still. Where are you?
Tiffany: We’re on campus too!
Me: Where?
Tiffany: (Asking somebody) Vermont and Exposition.
Me: You sure you’re on campus? There’s only one parking lot on Vermont and Exposition now and we’re on it. And you’re not here.
Tiffany: Yeah we’re on campus.
Michael (took the phone from me): Tif. Where the fuck are you?
Tiffany: I’m in the parking lot on Vermont and Exposition.
Michael: You’re at the Coliseum?
Tiffany: Yes.
Michael: Are you sure?
Tiffany: Yes. On Vermont and Exposition. At the Coliseum.
Michael: Not on campus?
Tiffany: I’m on USC campus. On Vermont and Exposition.

*Sigh* Needless to say, Michael and I wandered up and down the darn lot at the Coliseum and didn’t find the broad.

Anyhoo. We returned to Michael’s fraternity brother’s house to watch the first half of the game where we dominated. And Michael drove me home after that and I watched the rest at home…and we continued to dominate and won the game.

My supersition is that I have to watch the game at home and that Brandon cannot pay any attention to the game. (Look what happened at the Rose Bowl last year and a few weeks ago with the Beavers!)

The question comes down to this.

Joel has a ticket for the Cal game next week. But am I superstition enough to decline the offer and stay home? Or should I head out to the game with Joel? I have to call him back today.

Blogosphere – help me decide!!


Superstition wins out. I would never forgive myself if I go to the game and we lose the game we cannot afford to lose.

Next year? I’d be all over the empty seat, Joel. All. Over. It!


  1. nicky   •  

    go to the game! or else ill have to take the ticket from u and go for you!!!

  2. gnarlykitty   •  

    P Oakley

    I think I’m gonna be a Trojan soon 🙂

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