I’m overwhelmed with happiness!

Thank you everyone who has come by to wish me (and Snoopy) a happy birthday. Your thoughtfulness definitely brings joy to my day and definitely will brighten the year!

(And by the way, bad me for not doing this earlier. Please also say happy birthday to my twin sister from another life and another time, Bua!)

My big day started last night, early morning Thai time, when I called my dad. I didn’t say anything about my birthday, just waiting to see if dad would bring it up. Nothing came up. So…

Me: Dad. Are you forgetting something today?
Dad: What?
Me: You know, today.
[Awkward silent] Me: Someone is turning 30 today.
Dad: Today’s the 16th????

Yes. My darling dad. He KNOWS my birthday. He knows it’s coming up. He just doesn’t know what day it is right now, is all. LOL.

Speaking of not knowing what day it is, I think my mom thought I was still in Thailand when I called.

Mom: Honey, when are you coming over?
Me: Um. Well. When would you like me to come over?
Mom: Decide for yourself.
Me: I probably can’t come home until after February, mommy. Big event coming up.
Mom: [Quiet for a moment] Oh. Okay. Don’t buy me any more anything from America.
Me: Not any more squishy silicone ball?
Mom: I have 3 already.
Me: How about new flavors of Ensure?
Mom: No. I said don’t worry about buying me stuff.

(Her main source of food for the past 6 months is Ensure. In Thailand they have them in powdered form and only in vanilla. I was actually going to send home some chocolate and strawberry MetRx.)

I must say, the “When are you coming over?” did break my heart. It is also odd that for the first time mom doesn’t remember my birthday. I’m sure she remembers it, but she just doesn’t have the sense of time. Anyways, I told her it was my birthday. She reminded me to pray to Buddha in the morning. I asked what she was having for lunch. It was shrimp hagaw and shumai. I told her to eat a lot for me. Hopefully she granted me my wish.

When I came into work this morning, my coworkers decked out my cubicle. After the culprit came by to sing happy birthday, we took the leftover streamers and balloons and went to deck out the CEO’s office as well.

Yes, my CEO and I have the same birthday. Crazy huh?

My work and home email addresses start collecting eCards through out the day as well as phone calls from friends all over the place. (None from my brothers yet, I might add. You bastards! LOL!) My department got me a gift card to Sur La Table! I’m sure they know whatever I’m getting from there is going to result in some kind of treats for them. Hahah.

The only 2 paper cards I received this year (so far) are from Aunty Tim and the family and my parents-in-law. THANK YOU!

To top it all off, I came home to Brandon doing ALL of the laundry and a vase full of gerberas and daisies is sitting at my computer desk. The man bought me FLOWERS!!!!!

After that, we ordered pizza and watched Tivo’ed NCIS and House while waiting for the laundry.

And I may be back to normal with my stomach and what not. Apparently, pizza sauce is still too much for the stomach to handle.

Thank you again, everyone. I think Amy is definitely right:The 30s is much better than the 20s. I can already feel it!

But seriously, in my mind, I just turned 8 today. Hahaha!

Best. Birthday. Ever! (And tomorrow night, we’re drinking! Holy crap!!)


  1. KorBua   •  

    Happy b’day again!!!! 🙂 Mum and dad pretended to forget in my case. hahahah 🙂

  2. k.t.x   •  

    u cannot afford to leave snoopy home on yr niteout as well, right? lol.

    hv a gud one!

  3. lillian   •  

    A late Happy Birthday!! it only gets better after 30 🙂

  4. Brie   •  

    yay for birthdays! they should be everyone’s favorite holiday 🙂

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