Fall into Place

Suddenly, everything seems to be falling into places around me lately.

With the way my life has been going this year, I am starting to wonder if there is a big bad boo boo waiting around the corner somewhere. The proverbial other shoe.

Take our Thanksgiving plan for example. I was just jonesing to cook up the turkey in my new–as in last Christmas–roasting tray and rack. And oh how I long to try to brine the turkey! (I heart Alton Brown!) We managed to secure one “orphan” to feed, and 3 people to a 10 lbs. turkey is justifiable enough for me. Especially when Erik can eat for 3 people. Hehe.

I decided to contact the lovely Olaina and that real life Superman husband of hers to see if they wanted to come up from San Diego to help us eat the turkey. It turned out that Justin had only Thursday off so they wouldn’t be able to come up. So, I flipped the proposal around that I would come down to make them dinner, turkey and all. Since Olaina is sick and Justin in medical school, I think that would make their lives easier as well. But Olaina had already bought the turkey and a pecan pie…so she invited us down to join THEM for the turkey instead. Then Erik, who ditched his cousin’s Thanksgiving to come to ours, had to drop out after getting so much grief from the family.

Final result? Much like my company potluck, I am making Rachael Ray’s cranberry-pecan stuffing and we are hauling them to San Diego.

See how all the chaos comes down to a very very good result?

Same thing is happening with Brandon’s work. He’s in the very very final stage of being considered for a full time position with the county! After 3 years of working as a contractor through an agency, he’s finally get quite far into being a permanent employee! (Benefits galore, woohoo!) There had been a few opportunities before this one that we had high hopes for but didn’t come through.

And suddenly, here we are. A week after his final interview with extremely good feedback.

And of course, my 30th birthday. If you go back in my past November blog entries, you’ll notice that I haven’t been that big on birthdays. Keeping it small and I ended up feeling melancholic about it. This year, I thought, heck, I’m turning 30 so I have nothing to lose. I was expecting a small group to turn up, but I ended up with probably the biggest birthday party I have ever had in my entire life.

Things happen for a reason. Despite all the chaos, there is eventually an order.

And, for once, I actually like order. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

*P.S.* I went to visit KorBua’s blog a second ago as she posted a band doing the cover of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s classic duet “Especially For You”.

That brought me to Jason Donovan. MY FIRST WHITE BOY CRUSH! My first concert ever, outside of Thai mega entertainer Bird McEntire that is. And wow. I mean, WOW. Talk about a flashback!

So I had to search YouTube to give Bua’s the link to the original, and of course I found a bunch of other Jason’s videos in the process including his recent appearance in Australia’s reality show, singing “Any Dream Will Do” in the jungle. Apparently, dude’s been around just on musical stage instead of in the recording studio. And as I come to find out after all these years that he is after straight, married, and has 2 kids! Back in the early 90s, the tabloid supposedly outed him, printing posters of a picture of him a shirt that said “Queer as fuck”. The shirt was actually white and the sentence was fabricated. Oh, my poor Jason!

Oh, Jason. Now that you’re back into my life. Gosh, where is my “The Very Best of Jason Donovan” CD when I need it! At home in Bangkok I’m sure. Thank god for YouTube. 🙂

And yep. I’m still on topic. Chaos does bring order. ;-D

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  1. gnarlykitty   •  

    When things are going good for me there’s always some dark stuff lurking to come out somewhere and when it does it’s always a full blown impact…

    I’m not a big fan of optimism as it always fails me..

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