Good friends
Martinis/mimosas/raspberry lambic/wine
Thanksgiving turkey dinner
Best damn gravy on the planet
A LOT of serious laughter that Olaina had to spit out her water into the sink, Justin snorted his pecan pie, and Oakley almost hyperventilated (probably not the proper medical term
for laughing so hard I couldn’t breath…but you CAN correct me, Justin!)

Let’s just say that I can never hear the word “gravy” without busting out laughing from this day on.

Olaina, our gracious hostess, blogged the play-by-play of the evening starting with “Turkey 4.0”.

And Justin, you, sir, ROCK the fucking kitchen! The turkey. The gravy. The potatoes. Oh. My. God!!!

Justin & Olaina also gave me yet another ultimate present: the papasan chair. It’s this round wicker dish thing sitting on a stand with a round futon on it. You sit down and it settles in. It takes a little finess to sit on it. I mean, when I first tried to sit on this thing, I damn near fell out. But after visiting Justin & Olaina a few more times and having sat in the Nest more, I have grown to love it. They loved the chair too, but there is no room in their apartment for it any more.

We now call it the Oak Nest.

So far, this first week of being 30 is like the best week ever! 😀

It’s almost 1 a.m. and I’m blogging? I too suffered massive food coma, but I had my nap on the drive up from San Diego so I got a bit of a second wind…but it’s quickly blowing away. Brandon, on the other hand. is now hopped up on Mountain Dew he drank to keep him awake for the drive home.

Good night, kiddies. Hope your Thanksgiving was every bit fantastic! Share your stories here, if you’d like. 🙂


  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    I’m very late, but happy T-Day!

  2. lillian   •  

    we were invited to our american friends place for thanxgiving. LOVE pumpkin pie 🙂

  3. Korbua   •  

    I didn’t even know it was thanksgiving… it’s like em.. oh shit its thanksgiving and i’m not even at home! hahaha… 😛 well my parents r away so ended up spending time with kitz instead!

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