Day 2 of Food Coma

It all started at Justin and Olaina’s on Thursday.

Then last night, Aunty Tim, Uncle Noi, May and Nicky took us out to dinner at the fantastic Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Irvine. We ate like kings and queens.

Next time someone sent me a Me-me, asking what my favorite smells are, I would have to add “steak sizzling in butter”. Rib eyes. Filet mignon. Sword fish. Me and and an Absolute vodka martini. (Having paid that much for a martini in the first place, I should’ve gone for a Ketel One or Grey Goose. Sheesh!) To top it all off, they brought out a 6-inch round of New York Cheesecake to die for with sides of raspberry sauce and fresh strawberries…with a birthday candle on top.

Oh. My. God.

My 30th birthday celebration officially has gone on for 8 days! LOL.

Today I was supposed to go up to USC to tailgate before the Notre Dame game but I found it difficult to leave the house. Go figure.

Right now, I’m just waiting for Brandon to find the monster he needs to kill in EQ2. Then we’re going down to the garage and pulling out Christmas stuff and doing some more organizing. Hope it’ll be before the game starts.

By the way, if you’re playing EQ2 on Unrest, look up OakMonster. Hehehe.

And the Nest! I LOVE MY NEST! It’s an evil partner of our Bed. Those two things have the power to suck you in and keep you there. I’ll have the picture up sometime today…hopefully. You can see the rate of operation our household is on today so far. Hehe. Set the speed to “Molasses”.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday so far!

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