4-Day Recap

Well heck, I got the pictures. So why not go over this again real quick?

Turkey Day

We ate with Justin and Olaina down in San Diego. Here’s a few pictures from our camera. And Olaina has more. Plus the story you’ll have to read from Turkey 4.0 onward.

DCP_2939 DCP_2940

Day After

Dinner with my aunty and her family. Here’s a picture of the lobster trying to escape. (Poor #3.65. He was gone when we left.) And of course, May helped light my dinner shot with her flash. LOL.

112406_1803a.jpg 112406_1914a.jpg


A whole lotta nothing got done except for us organizing the garage. Oh, and USC kicked Neutered Dame’s ass all over the Coliseum for 44-24 victory which secures our place at #2 on all the polls and on BCS. Arizona, here we come!!!

Oh, and here’s me in the Oak Nest.



We went down to help Nora’s parents with their computer. While Brandon and Nora’s dad did their thing and going out to shop for som RAM, Nora and I hit the mall so I can run some errands. We hadn’t gone to the mall together in so long! We hit 3 stores and we had to get back. (By the way, the 50% already on sale item is fan-fucking-tastic! If you have a t-shirt fiend on your list, you DEFINITELY must check out the sale!) And of course, now we all know about my unruly stomach winning the fight and once again took over my normal life.


Home, nursing the aching stomach. You see, the pain I can manage. But the constant need to either burp or throw up is not good for the work place. Each item I eat as the day progress seems to hurt less. It still hurts, mind you. And I’m still eating a few bites at a time. But yep, I’m sticking to bland and mushy this week.

Note to self: No spicy. No tomatoe sauce. (Oh yes, pizza did a number on me as well. Just not as bad as the spicy though.)

And while kicking it at the house, I manage to get ready for Operation Jingle All the Way 2006. Last year, we gathered up stuff and shipped off to my friend Captain Amy of the Air Force to treat the troops. This year, with the help of AnyMarine.com (also AnySoldier.com), I am gathering items to send to a Gunny of Marine Military Police to distribute.

LETTERS! I need letters, kids. More than anything. Marines. Love. Letters. So, email me your word doc or an email addressing to “Dear Marine” and I’ll get them to the guys and gals.

Sure, we’d like contribution of items and if you’re comfortable, monetary. See last year’s link for more details on how to send the moolah to help buying stuff or help us with postage.

Or if you’d like to do your own thing, check out AnySoldier.com and get going with your package! We are a little late to get the Christmas stuff out there on parcel post but you can do first class mail.

Will rally more around the Ops tomorrow.

Now I need a little rest. Who knows a nagging mild stomach pain can take so much out of you…

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