Season’s eating

Well, kids. It was a good thing that I gorged myself over the holiday. My body could use a bit of the extra stored fat. Because as of lunch yesterday, I haven’t eaten anything.

So much for thinking I was back to normal. Apparently, my stomach still doesn’t appreciate a little wee bit of heat.

I could handle a bacon wrapped hot dog, but not chilli.

Pad Kraprow Gai–chicken with Thai basil and garlic…and a bit of chilli–managed to play nice for most of the day Sunday and decided not to any more around dinner time. And I haven’t been able to hold anything down since except for crackers and ginger ale.

If you look at the time stamp, you’ll see that I am up at my usual waking hours. But of course, throwing up acid isn’t the way to start the day.

That’s right. The crazy, acid-y stomach is back.

I should probably try to eat something right now. Back on Prilosec we go! Oy!

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  1. Rude Cactus   •  

    Bacon-wrapped hot dog? Did I read that right?? 😉

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