Progession of a disease – with updates

Saturday early night:
Sore, sore throat. Thought it was from all the screaming I did at Amy’s watching the game. But then it hurted in my inner ears too. You know, where you feel your ears and throat connected? It started to feel strepthroat like…

Saturday late night:
Woke up choking on the nastiness that was forming in my lung. Took a Mucinex. Went back to bed. Throat and ears still hurt like hell.

Sunday morning:
Woke up with a better sore throat but getting all rattly and phgelmy in the air way. Mucinex kicked some more ass. Fever ran through the day.

Sunday night:
Sore throat almost gone but fever kicked up. Called Nhien ahead of time. 101-102 fever refused to break even with Tylenol and Tylenol PM. Didn’t sleep well that night.

Monday morning:
Called Nhien to confirm. 101-102 fever continued. More Tylenol. More Mucinex. Sore throat subsided at end of day. Fever downgraded to 100. Nose started to get a little runny.

Monday night:
Nose is completely stuffed up. Fever still going strong at 100, but did break in the middle of the night. More Tylenol.

Tuesday morning:
Still feeling like crap. Take more Tylenol, Mucinex, and Sudafed. Headed out to work. Didn’t really know how I got through the day. Decided to leave detail oriented stuff to be dealt with tomorrow. Coughing up less stuff. Actually, doesn’t cough much at all. I heart Mucinex.

Tuesday night:
Still stuffed up. I’m sitting still, but I feel like the room is slowly tilting to the right and even more slowly turning that way too. I don’t know why…


Wednesday morning:
Woke up feeling much better after a full night of sleep. Full night! Yey. Then again, I went to bed around 8:30. I did wake up to a dream that Celeste was banging down my door to fix my Christmas tree decoration. Heh. All the grossness is getting more concentrated. That’s always a good sign. I’m down to just a gulp of cough syrup and a Sudafed now, medication-wise. Got energy in bursts and when I don’t have it, I really don’t have it. Still a little heady but much better than yesterday.

THANKS everyone for your warm wishes. 🙂


  1. KorBua   •  

    awww… poor p’oh! get well soon na ka!!!

  2. lillian   •  

    get well soon you poor poor thing…. maybe you should go and see a doc?

  3. lillian   •  

    me again…btw.. could be something with your inner ear.. causes similar symptoms.. especially the dizziness !!

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