Holiday Madness

It has begun.

Today – A holiday dinner and dancing event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Last minute engagement. Someone dropped out and the Big Boss extended the generous invitation to me. So now I can be Nhien’s date to the event…as we scope out how they put up their shindig for our own gala next year. So, I ran to Macy’s and bought a dress and a pair of shoes all in 25 minutes (plus another 15 of standing in line) and under $70. Oh yeah.

Saturday – Finishing up the last bit of Operation Jingle All the Way packages. Work on Christmas cards.

Sunday – Christmas brunch at Amy’s.

Wednesday – Brandon has a Christmas lunch. I have to work at our Holiday party for investors in the evening.

Thursday – Drinky with the Cool Cat VP who’s leaving us. *Sniffle* Losing yet another drinking buddy!

Saturday – We have invitation to THREE Christmas parties, kids. THREE! Goodness. But we are going to the OCSD potluck one down in Balboa.

Sunday – Finishing up presents for coworkers and such.

Tuesday – Bake cookies for Brandon’s potluck.

Wednesday – Brandon has a Christmas potluck. I have my staff holiday party in the evening…which I also have to put on.

Day before Christmas Eve – Brine the turkey and do other necessary prep work.

Christmas Eve – Christmas dinner for our “orphans” Erik and possibly Rhino. Rhonda and Eric are back from Colorado and they may join us. Justin and Olaina have been invited but I don’t know their schedule yet either. So, the house will be somewhat open to visitors all day.

Christmas Day – That’s it. Everyone else can now serve ME.


As for my health, I’m much much much better. The last bit of hacking and coughing up the nastiness. I can finally smell stuff…AND TASTE FOOD! Yey. Yesterday my sense of smell was coming and going, but today I think it’s almost all back.

And finally. Nintendo Wii? ROCKS. I had a play date with my friend Aurora last night. We had such a good time playing Wii Sports! Seriously. Who’d need a gym if you can do Wii Sports Boxing!?

Happy Friday, everyone!

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