Not having a blast…

Bangkok explosions leave two dead

*Update* Two more bombs exploded at Central World Plaza and Pratunam

And now the tourists are getting hurt.

The word on the streets is that it was either the Muslim insurgents from the south, revving up the violence and spreading it to the city. Or, a more possible scenario to me, Thaksin’s supporters stirred shit up.

Either way, the typical gigantic public New Year celebrations were cancelled everywhere. Still, dad said that didn’t stop the private affairs in hotels around town. The fireworks were still going on when I spoke to him.

The family is safe. Well, except for my brother Onk who, while out on a golfing weekend expidition with friends, introduced one side of his face to a pavement. According to him, he was carrying his suitcase and golf bag to the resort’s door and he tripped and landed his face on the ground. Dad is sending the picture over.

When he showed up at the house, dad told him he came to the wrong party. “Onk,” dad said, “This is a New Year’s Eve party. Not Halloween.”

A fan of CSI, I asked dad if his hands and knees were all fucked up too. Dad said no…why? Dude didn’t put his hands up to break his fall? Probably was drunk off his ass, that’s why!

Oh yeah. Onk is reclaiming his childhood nickname. “Stitches” is back.

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