What can I say about the weekend?

You know what I was going to say about this weekend? Of course you do.

Fan. Fucking. Tastic!

Well, except for the death of Mario Danelo. Everything else has been fabulous.

First of all, I went running on Friday. Well, I did “run” for 10 minutes straight at 3.2 (or was it 3.7??) speed before I started to run out of breath. That really surprised me given that the last time I tried to run, I ran out breath in the first 5 minutes. The machine is making me keep a pace, so that helps a bunch. I know I tend to start running too fast. Once a sprinter, always a sprinter, I guess. I really want to build endurance, and that’s my goal for my running.

I didn’t push too hard either. I mean, I could’ve kept going until I really ran out of breath before I stepped it down. Besides, I ran late to the gym so I had to clock in at 15 minutes, just in time before Shane had to close the shop. (Oh yeah, check out my handy work of the website for Shane’s gym, Pound 4 Pound Fitness.)

Gosh, that felt soooo good! I love moderate exercise. It clears my brain. But boy am I paying for it now. LOL. The muscles just above my knees are sore, making me walk funny.

Saturday morning, even before I woke up, the refridgerator was repaired. A busted relay was the cause. While I was gone all day, Brandon cleaned all the shelves in the fridge and put the booze back in. (All together now…Awwwww….) This morning, we restocked. And wow, it’s good to have the fridge back.

Later on Saturday afternoon, I loaded up my car with my little wheely cooler, ALL of my chick flicks, and 2 bottles of Proseco and headed up to LA to hang out with Nhien, Amy, Eva and Celeste. It was to be a potluck for us girls to pig out, get sloshed and watch a chick flick. I made a pit stop to buy the seafood and other fresh ingredients I needed to make the Italian fish stew, Cioppino. (Read all about this on my revived food blog, Hmm…Food…Good.)Nhien made a Spanish omelet tapas thing. Eva brought a salad and frozen strawberries so I could make them bellinis. Amy, Spanish ham and cheeses. Celeste made the famous breciolli, Italian meatloaf, but she had the cold so she didn’t make it to the shindig.

First up was Junebug, Amy’s Netflix entry. Not much of a romantic comedy or a chick flick we were hoping for, but a deep indy flick with quirks. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t what we signed up for, I guess. So to clense our pallettes, we launched into the sappy magic of, one of my all time favorites, Serendipity.

This morning I was greeted first with a bad news about Danelo’s untimely death. But the day progressed into a different direction all together.

Like I said, we restocked the fridge. After that, Brandon and I went to see Eragon as a bonus to the real mission of buying Brandon some new pants.

Eragon is no Pan’s Labyrynth, we know that. (And seriously. Go. See. Pan’s Labyrynth.) But boy was I bored. I was merely curious to see how they are going to pull the book off. Well, they made it entertaining enough, but really left me unimpressed.

That leads me to the next rant. It was probably the Bad Parenting Day at the mall and we didn’t get the memo. In the middle of Eragon, a mom brought in her young, probably 5 years old or younger, son. First of all, they totally looked like they just sneaked in to this movie. Secondly, the kid was talking. And of course, they had to sit on seat down from us. Instead of telling her kid to hush in the theater, the mother told the kid to lower his voice…then SHE talked to him! So the kid said something and mom talked to him right back in her “inside voice”.

Okay. What is the matter with you? This is not the fucking Magic Johnson theater! Don’t be talking in here. And how bad are you to keep talking to your kid! I mean, you are setting bad example here and not to mention annoying the hell out of other folks. And oh yeah, let’s watch all the people burn up by dragon’s fire breath, people chopped up to bits and getting arrows shot through their bodies, and the dark wizard disintergrated into dust when he was stabbed in the chest. Good idea, mom.

After the show, Brandon came out of the restroom with a face. “That kid over there? He peed and flushed. You know how some urinal has that flushing wall of water in the back of the bowl? Well, after he flushed, he washed his hands in that.”

And the dad was watching as the kid played with the urinal water, handed the kid a paper towel to dry his hands, and they walked out.

See what I mean about Bad Parenting Day?

We quickly ran through the mall, got Brandon his pants, and headed home. It suddenly became dangerous–and disturbing–to be outdoor.

Indoor proved to be a much better deal. A Japanese lady reader at Thai-Blogs.com was looking for a friend of hers in Thailand that I didn’t know. But then another lady in the OC who went to college with the Japanese lady found that comment and wanted to be reconnect with her! Talk about small world! Who knows my blog can bring people together like that.

And finally, since we’re back to talking about blogs, I have mentioned that I’m bringing back my food blog, Hmm…Food…Good. This blog was going to be a team blog back then, but I ended up being the only one and it wasn’t as much fun. Now, I figured I got a few folks around here that would be interested, so I’ll hook it up.

I am also ushering in the new era of the OakMonster’s Den. Blogger and Blog*Spot have been kind to me for the past 3–going on 4–years. But perhaps the time has come for the OakMonster to strike out on her own.

Say hello to my future new home: OakMonster.com.

I’m nowhere near ready to cross over there yet. Still have much to learn on how to toy with WordPress and other craziness. But you will know when it’s ready.

In the meantime, come back to see me and go see the Food Blog too, if you’re a foodie.

Now that I told you what I did for the weekend, it’s your turn to share! Come on now, hang out and de-lurk a bit.

P.S. Demi-Boss – Is this enough reading material for ya? 😉 Hahaha!


  1. Demi-boss   •  

    Yes, quite enough. Sorry about Junebug.

  2. KorBua   •  

    washed his hand like that? ewwwwwwwwwww

  3. Tiffany   •  

    Okay so you girls have movie night and dont invite me??? I guess I am not part of the group any longer :(! So thats how it is? I get it!!!

  4. Rude Cactus   •  

    Wow. I’m kinda drained after reading that, you guys were so busy!!

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