It’s 11 p.m.

My wake up call is 5:15 a.m.

My back up wake up call is 5:30 a.m.

Must leave the house by 5:45 a.m.

I’m dead tired. But my hair needs a bit of air drying time.  Yep.  Washed my hair tonight to keep my wake up call at 5:15 instead of 4:45.

Brandon decided to turn our wall heater on for the first time all winter.  I LOVE HIM!!!

Mother Nature has been throwing us some cold spell lately.  This morning, I stepped off my car on to the patch of grass on the sidewalk.  Itsy bitsy crunching noises came from under my feet.  It was 33F this morning, not counting wind chill from standing out there at the bus stop.  Yes, I know we SoCalifornians are wussies.  But DAMN that’s FUCKING COLD!

Upside to that is now I can sit in my office without having to throw on a ski jacket.

Sitting at my office I did and I finally put up the “I’ve moved” sign over at Blogger.  It’s a bitter sweet goodbye from my comfort zone into something new altogether.  Oh WordPress, how I both love and dispise thee!

Now that everything is here, the moment is up on top of Google or after one month, I’ll delete that blog altogether.
So, what’s my plan for

  1. Assign categories to ALL original posts (666 of them!  No kidding!)
  2. Copy stuff over to “About Me” page and making THIS my home on the web.  (Yep.  So long, Geocities!)
  3. Add more pages like The Dreamboat to the blog.
  4. Creating title graphic for Hmm…Food…Good….oh wait, that’s NOT for!?

Oh yeah.  A lot more geeking out in the future. But for now, I must add the Flickr badge to the side bar and retire to bed or else I’d never wake up tomorrow morning.

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  1. Nan   •  

    The new site looks so great! Must have taken you lots of hard work 😉

    It’s finally getting cold here in New England (hasn’t reached 20 degrees yet today). Thank goodness for heaters!

    We can’t think of six interesting things about Owen… so have to put more thought into it before posting a reply to your tag.

    Stay warm!

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