Stand up post

Pretty much, we got rid of the wicker chair that dubs as my suit/clothes to be ironed closet. So the clothes are on my chair.

Oh yes. My anniversary present from Brandon is this:

Yep. Suddenly my desktop trebuchet kit for Brandon looks so retarded.

The rest of our anniversary was quite unexpected as well. We woke up late. Well, THAT was expected. I made brunch and we headed out to get our massage at the spa around 1. The massage and salt scrub was AMAZING! After that, we went across the parking lot for In N’ Out, then Ikea. James and Aurora came over to help us put together this massive bookcase and we went to dinner at Red Robin.

After that, we FINALLY watch our wedding highlight reel my cousin finally got it to us. Yep. Nicky took his sweet time and it was perfect. Then I poured me a glass of wine and watched “The Last Kiss”. Brandon glanced in and out of that movie while running amuck WoW Burning Crusade.
Yep. That’s 5th wedding anniverary Oakley & Brandon’s style! Told you we ain’t romantic people.

Tomorrow, I will be filling those cubby holes with the rest of my crap.

Gosh. I do have a lot of crap. LOL.

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