Here’s to your health

I have failed to mention to you guys that I have started my attempt at running again.

Yep. I started a few weeks ago. At once a week rate. LOL. Pretty much I showed up at Pound 4 Pound on Monday. Tuesday I’d be incredibly sore. Wednesday I’d have all the intentions to go back but something would happen. Next thing I know it was the weekend.

So, this morning I went out for my 15-20 minute walk/jog/run at the neighborhood park. All cocky about having run a whole mile on the treadmill on Monday, almost 1.5 mile when I was starting to run out of breath.

Oh yeah. I can totally hit the streets.


Like Brandon said, the treadmill is keeping my pace for me. So here I went half a mile around the park and starting to run out of breath. Seriously, kids. I can’t go slow. I just can’t!

I like to do things quickly. I drive fast. I walk fast. I talk fast. If I need to, I can be in and out of the shower and ready to go in 15 minutes. 2 things I can’t do fast is eating and washing my hair. LOL.

I am, what Thai people call it, Jai Ronn, “hot heart”. Essentially, hasty. And that applies to my running. I mentioned before, I have never been good at a distance run. Want me to out sprint someone? Oh yeah I could do that (like 10 years ago…hehee).

Anyhoo. So I was pretty much dying after I completed the mile, but I decided to lightly jog home about 3 blocks. Suddenly I couldn’t catch my breath. And of all things, my ears started to hurt. Like how your inner ears hurt when you’re on a plane? It’s THAT pain but on the outside, top part of your ears. How weird was that?! Perhaps because my ears were cold? I don’t know. But I try to briskly walk home to keep up that “Ooh I’m a runner” facade. The ears were such torture it reduced me to just a stroll.

From start to finish, 20 minutes.

Complete. Utter. Failure.

But hey, I’m going back to hit the treadmill some more. May be I will eventually learn to pace.

So, the running is a part of my newly formed stress management tactics this year. After going back to read my blog, I believe my struggle with the stomach issues and all of that was a back lash of ill-managed stress. And you can see on Thursday, a month into the new year, my body already succumbed to stress once. That’s not a good sign.
If I want to get back to enjoy my eating and having a good life, I have got to get healthy again.

So, there’s the running I’m trying to get into. I may try buying a Hatha Yoga video as well. Ashtanga is just not my thing.

I am trying to eat better meaning going low-fat if it doesn’t compromise the flavor. (Mayo, sour cream, and my cafe latte have already gone that route.) Fear not, my friends. I am NOT giving up bacon, cheese, butter, or chocolate. 😉 In order for me to keep eating those, I have to cut out in other ways, you see. Hahah!
I have been eating good breakfast and snacking well. Vitamin Water–Rescue (green tea) and Focus (strawberry-kiwi)–has become my newest addiction. LOVE the flavor! Whatever it takes to trick me to drink for fluids, that is a good thing.

And of course, I MUST return to making music. I haven’t made any noise since Christmas!

Pretty much that is about it. How about you guys? What is your tips and tricks to keeping healthy and not stress out so much?

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  1. Pond   •  

    Good luck Oh

    I am in the process of hitting the gym myself and so far, I feel like an old lady. Bet you are doing much better than me.

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