Secrets at the Library Bar

Party at the Library Bar last night? Fan-fucking-tastic! Here’s a proof.


Oh no. You will not be seeing the rest of the pictures from last night here. Folks will be lining up to sue my ass. LOL.

Much fun for all last night. Over 20 people came to send off the Big Boss. THAT was the biggest unofficial gathering I’ve ever had! Lots of beer and martinis were consumed. Even the BB got into the action, sipping a glass of 1903, his 3rd drink in 10some years! (By the way, that 1903 beer is fucking awesome.)

The rest of us was nicely toasted. I mean, I had 2 beers and the house bought me my last one to apologize for not roping off our area as planned. That last freebie put me over a little bit.

As in, my designated driver and me were belting Berlin’s “Take my breath away” in the car on our way home. Fucking. Hilarious. I rolled out of that into the apartment, kissed Brandon, and went straight to bed.

I woke up buzzed. So, there you. That’s how much fun I had last night. 🙂

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