A Baker’s Woe

Not only a baker eats her own creation to test the quality, she also has to suffer the sugar rush that follows.

Hence, it’s 11 p.m. I’m tired as hell. But I can’t go to sleep.

What did I make? I intended to make these:

But I didn’t factor in the fact that my heart shape cookie cutter was as big as the cupcake itself…so I couldn’t really cut the shape out without destroying the cake. Doh!

So I ended up piping the raspberry preserve INTO the cupcakes then I dusted them with powdered sugar. They look like jelly donuts. LOL.

I’m making the cupcakes for the dessert potluck at work tomorrow. Brandon and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day because we have the rest of the year to show our love. I did buy him flowers today though because he’s having a tough time lately.

Well, his mom thought she was Evil Knievel and flipped her Hummer on the way to Taos the other day. She essentially walked away from the wreck with a gash on her head and some bruises. The Hummer? Totaled. Obviously, they’re ordering a new one of those.

Now you can see why Brandon is a little down…and why he wants me to own a Hummer. Heheh.

Another good thing about staying up at this hour is to get to call home.*Time lapse…as I made a call home.*

A whole other update for another time altogether. But right now, the sugar crash is here.


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