My twin sister from another life KorBua tagged me again. And like a good twin sister from another life, I obliged.


The Rule:

  1. Take a picture of your desktop
  2. Explain your desktop in the way that others would come to understand who you are, what you do and what you enjoy.

Yes. It looks like my desk exploded. So, there you go. First thing about me, I am absolutely not a neat freak. 🙂

And secondly, yes the date/time stamp is totally off. We keep forgetting to replace the back-up batteries for the inner working of the camera. Every time Brandon takes out the actual batteries, the date/time resets.

A pile of notebooks to my left each contains data for different thing. One has Shane’s PR plan and web update. One has Olaina’s. One is my former on-the-bus notebook. All of these are sitting atop my passport and paperwork I have to send to the embassy for renewal.

The CDs are my newest ones I just bought and ripped. Corrine Baily Rae’s and Joss Stone’s first album, Soul Session. Behind that is my wireless antenna and my actual inbox for the household operation.

The Aquafina Alive is new. I’m trying out this flavored water. Once again, trying to get myself to drink more water anyway I can.

Now, the monitor is embellished with iZone mini Polaroid pictures of friends and family. The background image is the picture I took from the beach in Kao Lak where the Tsunami Memorial will be built.

Now, the right side of things. The Ikea storage for postage, collected business cards and other daily use things. Atop that, business card holder for Boren Consulting business cards, a jar of rock candies that was my brother’s engagement party favor, address labels, and a bucket full of pens. In that also holds the rose ring holder which housed my engagement ring when Brandon proposed. Down below, the brand spanking new drawing tablet he got for me. I haven’t yet played with it.

The surrounding is equally important, I guess. The t-shirt Irena got for me from E3 2005 said “Extreme Indoor Enthusiast”. And, finally, my trusty little Dusty the Guitar. If you pan a little more to the right, past Dusty, that’ll be where Red Kimmy the piano is at.

So there you go. Hope that gives you more clue about me. Well, shit. Now you know I really am a slob. LOL.

And now I tag. I tag…Rude Cactus, ‘Mazing Amy, Kuri, and Owen. (I will add link to your reply when you do. )

P.S. If you click on the picture above, it’ll take you to a more “interactive” map of my desk on Flickr. Plus some bonus materials!

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  1. Korbua   •  

    ur desktop looks like my table in my bedroom. i mean when i study and do all the horrible revisions. 😛 having that pic as the wallpaper, don’t u feel like going to the beach? i would! 😛 & when u come back, u gotta sing for the penguin and the cat! 🙂

    ps. i luv the mini Polaroid pics!

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