A Happy Oak

…is an Oak who is:

  • Well fed with ridiculous amount of sushi and moderate amount of sake.
  • Just back from a fantastic 3-hour girls night out with 3 fabulous girl friends, talking about life, work, food and cooking in/experiences.
  • Knowing a local Japanese food joint that serves Tenzaru.  (Cold soba noodles and shrimp tempura).  Oh and the sushi is awesome here too.
  • A proud team captain of her AIDS Walk Long Beach team who just gained a new member.
  • Finally getting used to running.  On Tuesday, it was 1.7 miles in 25 minutes, alternating 3-minute brisk walk with 2-minute run.
  • Still giddy over her Moo minicards to a point of annoying herself.
  • Sitting at the computer happily in her light robe, not the winter (terry) robe and feeling perfectly comfortable.  Poor Brandon.  He must be roasting!
  • Thoroughly satisfied after getting all caught up with reading of all on her blogroll.
  • Blogging something semi-interesting once again.

This is a night to make for an even happier Oak if…

  • She could have had more sake and not worrying too much about driving home.  Damn…should have had Brandon drove.  It was only 2 miles away!
  • She could play the piano and sing.  Damn…too late for that.
  • She doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow.  Hehehe.  But she does have a great incentive to go to work, other than the fact that she has no time off left: a team lunch at a Shabu Shabu place in Little Tokyo.
  • The Demi-Boss doesn’t leave the company.  Oh yes.  She’s leaving at the end of the month…hence the team Shabu Shabu lunch.  *Sniffle*  (I’m very happy for her but in the same breath I must admit I am being selfish for deep down I really want her to stay.   Do you realize that in a span of a few months, I lost my Big Boss and Demi-Boss…not to mention my drinking buddy, the Cool Cat VP!  Holy fuck!  Where *IS* everybody going!?!?!)

What a week I just had, huh?

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