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As I talked to many people about my mom yesterday, one clear theme emerged.

I want to track down the original surgeon who waved off chemo because “I got it all” and punch him in the face.

One punch. That’s it.

And a lot of screaming obscenities. In English.

Sorry, Buddha. I know I’m not to embrace violence. But one punch instead of unleashing my martial arts on his ass IS already a practice of self-restraint.

Anger is the only thing I have to hold on to right now. Otherwise, I don’t think I could’ve gotten out of bed without crying these days. So let me hang on to it, okay?


I am saving the planet in my own little way. I am recycling my bottles and cans and plastic grocery bags. I am starting to reuse a few ziplock baggies, like the one that hold carrots the other day is now holding salad mix I bought from farmer’s market…which I try to shop with my own bag if I can. I bought the reuseable shopping bag from Trader Joe’s and will take them back the paper bags next time I go.

Today, I salvaged a freebie coffee mug from the leftover swag cabinet. And that’ll be my Starbucks cup. Save a few more paper cups right there.

Oh, and we’re not having children. THAT there definitely helps save the planet. Hehehe.


Tylenol PM didn’t quite work for me these days. I went to bed early, taking the one pill that usually gets me to sleep just fine. I didn’t fall asleep until closer to 11 p.m. AND I woke up groggy. Never really happens with this either.

Maybe I should go over and borrow ‘Mazing Amy’s Xanax…


I was a bit of a snoot on sushi. I wouldn’t go near anything with cream cheese as an ingredient for a roll. But last night, we were possessed and ordered the Sexy Roll–shrimp tempura, cream cheese, jalapenos, topped with slices of mangos, tempura crumbs and masago.

Slap me and call me SELL OUT. That damn thing was good!

It was $5 roll Monday at Mamma’s Sushi in Lakewood last night, so we figured we tried something crazy. We–as in Aurora and me–also established a new Monday night ritual for us.

I would rescue Aurora and we’d go get food and hang out while her hubby hosts D&D night.

Yes, you read that right. Grown men are gathering to play Dungeons & Dragons on a Monday night. I’m telling you. I’m surrounded by the coolest geeks on the planet. 🙂

Actually, James opened up the evening once at our begging. I have never witnessed D&D before so they let the girls sit in. Just once! James is a kick ass dungeon master, I tell you. Very creative. And that was enough D&D for me. LOL


  1. Olaina   •  

    I shudder to think of my many summers spent wondering how I could escape my brother and his geeky friends playing D&D at our dining room table. Oy vey.

    You’re really going to do a Kettle Chip commercial? Huh?

    Now I want sushi. Wonder if I can talk Justin into that. This is the first day we’ve had together since his spring break started on Friday. We went to breakfast (at Mo’s) and then took a nap, walked the dogs (see blog) and are now commencing to nap again.

    I am justifying the napping-marathon with the fact that I’m sick, he’s chronically sleep-deprived, and I’ll probably pass the “food test” at Mo’s just based on eating there so much in the past 5 years.

    Trying to sleep with Tylenol PM? Bad idea. Go get yourself a therapist and a psychiatrist. You have every reason to be depressed and angry and every right to take some meds meant to get you through this experience WITH sleep at night. It’s America, and when in America do what the Americans do. Get medicated–I did, and look where I am today v. last year! 😉


    oh, and one punch would be like a pleasant hello in comparison to an Oakley-ass-whopppin’. He has no idea how lucky he is. And Buddha would understand, I’m sure.

  2. James   •  

    HEY! We’re not D&D nerdths 🙁 We alstho play Mutanths and Mathsterminds….lol I’m an 8th lvl illusionist with the power costhmic. I’m cool!

    I AM! CURSE YOU!!!!

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