I’m super buzzed. A drive 5 blocks home was before the Captain (Morgan) came to say hi to my brain.

And I know someone’s reading to see if I”m going to blog drunk.

So there you go!

ETA…like 5 minutes later: Holy hell!!! The Captain is totally kicking my ass. Not quite throwing up holy hell, but if I had one more sip of anything I’d totally throw up Holy Hell.

Funny thing is, a fellow partier who shall remained nameless just emailed me all fucked up too. LOL. She KNEW I was going to either check my email or do a drunken blog. That crazy all knowing broad!!! ;-D

I am now realizing that I just pointed at my CEO and blurted out “My husband used to bodyguard for Vivid!!!” And that I owed somebody the sum of $20, a t-shirt cost that went on the main bill. Whoops. I was too buzzed to think about THAT when I paid for my tab.

Good times, kids. Good. Fucking. Times!

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