A coworker came over with this:


“Can you help me open this thing up?” she asked. “It’s out of staples and I don’t know where it opens.”

I picked up the thing. And…


Um. Yeah.


Then Brandon sent me this picture with the title: “No, we can’t buy one of these for home.”

Bacon Dispenser


  1. kuri   •  

    No fair! I want a bathroom bacon dispenser.

    I’m seriously gonna carry a Sharpie with me everywhere I go just so I can write that on every hand dryer I see from now on.

  2. Tim   •  

    A band I’m in started leaving the line “Push Button, Get Bacon” all over Chicago bathrooms a couple years ago. Then we wrote a song about it. Seriously. http://www.myspace.com/dougtravis


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