A quick sniff at the roses

The Crazy Train has slowed down considerably since last week. Still 2 projects to get to the printer, but the pressure is considerably less.

A little bit of a breather is always appreciated, I’d say.

Yesterday, somehow I managed to have Brandon go with me to Babies R Us to shop for a coworker’s upcoming baby shower. Well, it wasn’t really a shopping trip but picking up an item I called in to have put on hold. While we were waiting in line, we heard this raucous from the baby picture studio.  What the hell is going on in there?

Then I saw what could possibly be my dream job.

2 women were jumping up and down, waving and shaking this colorful duster and baby-talking and calling the baby’s name behind the camera.

Baby Attention Grabber and Smile Maker.

I want that job.

Walking out of the store, I started to think about where I am in life.  Over the weekend, I glanced over an article in Self Magazine about happiness and how to get it.  Then I went through a few more months of the old archive, applying categories to the old entries.  All the while, I was reading my thoughts and ramblings from as far as 3 years ago.

I have definitely come a long way in the pursuit of my happiness.

Not until yesterday did I realize that compared to many others, I *AM* happy.

Work may be stressful but it has its moment of fun.

Our values may still be in the negative (damn you student loan!), but we are making good progress everyday and yet have enough to put a roof over our head, food in our bellies, and TV shows in our DVR.

I may not play them much these days but I do own a piano and guitar.  And my neighbors have yet to throw tomatoes or a brick at my window when I sing.

I for once am comfortable with my body.  You’re thinking, “She’s fucking 100 lbs.! What could she possibly be fretting about?”  But hey, not all of that 100 lbs. on this frame is lean muscles, okay?  The butter and the bacon has got to go somewhere.  THAT is what keeping this little Asian thing happy.  Years and years of having it drilled into my head that I have a big fat ass (for Thai standard) doesn’t just go “Poof! Gone!”  But anyway, I personally still think I am Thailand’s J-Lo, but it’s not eating at me the way it has been.

Every little accomplishments I have with everything that I do seems to give me confidence for everything else and therefore making me happy.

Like hitting the high notes.  Like making a new dish that Brandon REALLY likes.  Like using my own cup down at Starbucks, knowing that I save throwing away a paper cup–I’m saving the world one cup at a time, yey!  Like holding the door open for the person behind me so hopefully he/she’d do the same for someone else.  Like writing a blog for the world to see and hopefully making at least one person less bored.

So, thanks for coming by and spreading the happy.


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