Is that a hole in the back of my head?

A 5 foot tall, 100 lbs. not-ugly and somewhat in shape Asian in a strapless flower-printed A-line knee length dress waltzing into a Babies-R-Us filled with moms to be and moms who haven’t quite lost their baby weight yet was probably a bad idea.

I never felt so hated in my life! The death stares and fiery glare probably left some heat damage on my new salon cut hair.

Yeah. I think I might have just asked for it a little bit too much there. Heh.

(Why was I in a pretty pink dress prancing through a baby store? Well, I have a company baby shower to throw on Tuesday and the store was on the way from this morning’s bridal tea. That’s why! And yes, I’ve got plenty of pictures from this morning.)

ETA: You can’t really see it, but here’s the dress that launched a thousand “Die you skinny little bitch, die!” thoughts.



  1. Borrego   •  

    Yeah, women love doing that, take like a compliment, they simply wish they looked like you.

  2. Nan   •  

    So sorry you had such a bad experience at Babies R Us! I try not to go there unless I really have to… but only because it’s so far from us.

  3. Nan   •  

    You look amazing in your pink dress though… so I can see why the moms gave you a hard time 😛

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