What a girl to do

So I have saved some money I can spend on things for ME.

Should I…

A) Buy a plane ticket to Oregon and go see Cheech, my gay boyfriend, over Labor Day? After all, I have never really been to Oregon.

B) Buy myself a massage. And few other little things. Like knee-high platform combat boots. Other Emily the Strange things. Or just go raid Hot Topic for some work clothes.

C) Buy a new CAMERA phone. I want this one…but I don’t see any US carrier has these. You can buy it but which phone company do I use? (Anyone know?) I know, I know. People in Thailand are laughing at me. America is so behind times when it comes to phone it’s ridiculous!

D) Buy THIS electric guitar. (Oh, Gnarly Kitty is soooo going to scream!)  And a cheap amp. So I can pretend that I rock when really it’s a complete and total vanity purchase. Damn it, why can’t an acoustic guitars get to be this kick ass? (By the way, Rude Cactus, explain to me the difference between a guitar and a blem guitar?)

What do y’all think?


  1. Onigirifb   •  

    I vote A. Get away from the smoggy air.

  2. Nick Ketpura   •  

    I vote none of the above and come to Aspen instead!!!

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