Oh snap!

Nhien took me, Celeste and Eva to China Town for some Vietnamese food at lunch. We had to park across the street and jaywalk across 4 lanes of traffic over to the plaza.

On our way back, we were waiting for 2 more cars on the other side to pass when suddenly Nhien took off. She high tailed in front of those 2 cars who barely even slowing down for her.

I yelled to her, “Don’t you know how us Asians drive? Those fools weren’t going to slow down for you!”

Eva added, “Yeah, Nhien. Don’t walk like you drive.”

And also along the line of Oh Snap!

I was making the hazelnut brittles for my hazelnut chocolate cake to take to a BBQ tomorrow.  The caramel, unlike my previous caramel experiment, didn’t burn.  I watched it like a hawk this time.  The moment it started to brown, it’s off the heat and it continues to cook into the perfect caramel to pour over toasted hazelnuts.

Of course, a droplet of caramel hit the counter top.  Not missing a beat, I used my finger to wipe that up.

You thought if the girl burned herself once before she would learn.  Apparently I’m stupid.

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