Did you feel that?

Around 11:15? A jolt?

A 3.8, y’all. In Devore.

My couch totally shook. I was watching my TIVO’ed LOST. (Oh and by the way, nice ending.)

Did I mention that earthquakes totally unnerves me? Even a little one?

So yeah. It’s almost midnight. I had excellent Indian food dinner with Justin and Olaina. And I’m totally unnerved right now.


ETA 05/24/07 – 8 a.m. : News story confirmed. I wasn’t crazy.  There WAS an earthquake!

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  1. Olaina   •  

    We’re sorry we didn’t stay! We wish we had been with you! We wish we had felt it! We love you! Earthquakes freak me out too–and if I’m alone for them I’m a really sad scared girl. I think I might even call my mommy and daddy just to tell them I survived–even when it’s nothing.

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