Gallows Humor

Olaina recapped our adventure on Wednesday night very well.

“Gallows humor,” she called it.

I’m going to let you guys read the full story over there because Olaina is a wonderful writer. But essentially, with what Justin’s and my mom is going through, and us bopping about in the wake, we manage to make the most morbid and horrible things funny.

Justin and Olaina started off about a two-fer for hospice care. Then we talked about cremation and Thai funeral rituals.

Justin’s mom wants to be cremated and her ashes scattered. This is the part where I just now learned that it is illegal to scatter someone’s ashes in California. Well, you can do it if you don’t get caught, leaving behind bits of bones that didn’t burn.

“So, if you want to scatter your mom then you’ll have to pick out the chunks of leftover bones?” I asked.

“Pretty much,” said Justin.

“Would it be easier to just use a sifter?” It just came out.

A few giggles. Then I just had to add.

“You know have this flour sifter can thingy. That may be helpful.”

We were now laughing.

And then, another thought came to mind.

“So, if it’s illegal to scatter the ashes in California, then what do you do? Do you have to go The Great Escape style and walk the yard with the ashes?”

Sometimes all you have left is a sense of humor, no matter how dark it is.

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