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So I guess efficient sleep is the cure to writer’s block after all. 🙂 I happily woke up this morning with loads of things to tell you guys.

Here goes the possibly longest blog in recent weeks. But here goes!

Kicking Carl’s Angus

Carl’s Junior is suing Jack in the Box over the “Angus…*giggle*” line of commercials. Here’s one.


As much as I LOVE Carl’s breakfast burger, I think I just have to boycott them. Take that Junior! Nobody screws with Jack!!

Sushi Raucous

I went to get sushi at Mamma’s Sushi with Aurora on Thursday night. My original plan was to come home after that and make Chewbacca cupcakes in honor of Star Wars Day.

We ended up having a good time at Mamma’s that I didn’t even bother with the cupcakes. LOL.

Mamma’s, as we found out a while ago, is actually Thai-owned. We sat with a different chef this time and he happened to be a chattier one that the one we’ve been sitting with.

So we got to talking and joking around. Aurora and I bought the chefs a bottle of Asahi. They in turn comped us the rolls we mistakenly did not order. (“Crunch Roll” sits next to the “B.S.C. Roll”. Instead of checking BSC, I checked Crunch. Whoops.) And after a while, the owner joined in the fun and also sent a bottle of sake on the house which we split with the chefs as well.

Oh, and our chef’s name is Tong. Like my best friend’s back home. (It’s both boy and girl’s name.)

Next time, Aurora and I are going in on $5 roll Monday and we’ll make sure we have someone to drive us. Tong promised to take good care of us…as long as we have a designated driver. Hahah!

Profile THIS

Brandon had quite a serious training at the F-B-I. It wasn’t the computer stuff he thought he was going for. It actually was essentially C.S.I. 101. Lots of interesting things he learned and even more things no one really need to know. Real life murder and seriously disturbing crime don’t have the magical glitz of a TV show.

They did have a linguist out there to talk about the use of language and speech and writing patterns and all of that fun stuff. Brandon shared with him after class.

“My wife would probably confuse the heck out of you,” he said.

You see, when I was growing up in Thailand, the standard English lessons are British-English base. The pronunciation and the spelling and the terms we learned were all British. i.e. lorry (trucks), colour, etc. But at some point you may ended up with a teacher who do it American style. The teachers understand that, lucky for us. So we didn’t get the point taken out for spelling with or without “ou” or scrambling our pronunciation with both kinds of English. (Can you imagine throwing in Australian accented teacher into the mix!?)

At some point earlier in my transition to American life, I was spelling things with OU here and there. The accent, on the other hand, was already American, thanks to the 2-month immersion program I was in a few months before my move.

“So she speaks with American accent with a light touch of Asian, and writes in British spelling?” the linguist inquired.

“Huh. I never heard of that one before. Good to know.”

Heck, Brandon didn’t even tell him that I also invent my own words and phrases. That’ll throw the man in a loop. Heh.

Oh yes. That reminded me to move over the OakSpeak from my old site…

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  1. Olaina   •  

    You forgot the part about how if maybe you use our seive (the regular kind, wire mesh smallish bowl that would fit over a medium size pot and a long handle) and we use your sieve we can scatter our respective parents and have yet another hoop for the FBI to jump through before they caught us.

    Of course, since you are apparently married to the FBI I don’t think any of this is really going to work out. Besides, what will we do with the bones? Make necklaces and sell them at the swap meet? or on E-Bay???? We could be millionaires!

    But in all seriousness, Justin did want to make a necklace out of his big toe bone, but they wouldn’t let him have it. Bio-hazard. Thank you orthopaedic surgeons of days past! I might have had a hard time making out with a guy whose toe was dangling from his neck.

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