Borrow Babies/Kitties/Puppies Weekend

The long weekend went like this.

Errand Saturday.

Baby and Kitties Sunday.

Baby and Doggies Monday.

I met J.C.’s baby Joshua for the very first time on Sunday. And yes, he IS tall! We brought J.C. some El Pollo Loco while Josh ate his Cheerios with us. Josh and I played quite a bit. Actually, he tackled me and drooled all over my face at some point. LOL. It was quite hilarious. What a happy little boy, this kid! Well, except when mommy went to put him down for a nap. He was tired but he didn’t like that very much. The protest went on for about 5 minutes. That was it. Haha.

J.C. is staying with her brother in Costa Mesa. To much of Brandon’s love and longing for kittens, Adam and his girlfriend have 2 friendly, cute and playful cats. So while I played with Josh most of the time, Brandon got to hang out with the kittens. We took loads of pictures of both the baby and the cats. I’ll put them up soon.

Earlier this afternoon, I also got to meet yet another baby I haven’t met in person before: Celeste’s 2-year-old niece Sadie.

I was invited to help Celeste throw a surprise party for her friend and my stylist (who is also quickly becoming my friend) Mary Ann. She was planning to just take Mary Ann to dinner but then her brother offered to barbecue and suddenly we had on hand a surprise party completed with a steel drummer!

With all the things that are going on, somehow Sadie and I managed to become friends. Well, the big kids didn’t want her in the room at one point and her parents were prepping for the party. So I sat with her. After a few peace offerings of cheese slices later, I was “flying” her up and down the driveway and danced with her in my arms to groovy steel drum tunes.

That is the test of your fitness by the way, how many trips you can carry a 2-year-old up and down a 30-ft driveway before you run out of breath and how long you can hold her up during a song.

Mary Ann was thoroughly surprised! (She did smell blood in the water when she approached the house though.) But unfortunately, I had to leave soon after she got there. Another BBQ awaited.

The impromptu BBQ at Paul & Lupe’s was called at 11 a.m. this morning. But hey, I never turned down a party at their place!

Paul & Lupe have 2 dogs, Molly the Rambunctious Rodweiler and Cassie the Cute Little Fur Ball. Brandon, a dog person when the mood strikes, hung out with Cassie and, to my surprise, happily entertained Molly. I too played with “the kids”. And then I got Molly in trouble.

Well, SHE got herself in trouble. I happened to witness it and snitch.

I walked into the kitchen to find Molly’s face in the trash can. She hadn’t picked anything up out of it just yet, but I called her out of the kitchen and told Paul. She got a good long half hour of time out in her kennel. She looked so sad!

While we were there, I also met other friend’s baby for the first time. Funny how Jim & Karen lived only 4 miles from us and I would have dinner with Karen once a month at our monthly outing, but yet I haven’t met her baby girl! I got to introduce myself to Gwen and she laughed at me. Happened all the time when I introduce myself to new people, by the way. But that was it. The little girl was tired and the clan went home.

It might as well. I think Brandon and I both hit our quotas on time with borrow babies and puppies.

Not the kitties. We can never have enough of the unconditional purring love.

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