A new hope

I somehow managed to drop my card wallet from my backpack outside of my car on my way to the bus stop this morning. In that wallet, I have my brand new bus pass and an ATM card of my other bank along with all of those movie watcher passes and old student ID.

When I couldn’t find the wallet at the bus stop, I thought I might have left it at the house. Thank goodness for my emergency bus fare I had stowed away in one of my backpack’s pockets. Or else I would have to use my $5 bill and wouldn’t have gotten any change back.

My entire trip up, I prayed that I actually left the damn wallet at home, and that I didn’t drop it when I was putting the keys into the backpack when I got out of the car.

A message was left for me at work from Oak Middle School, a school a block over from where I parked. A student has picked up the wallet and turned it in to his teacher.

My worst fear was confirmed. But yet, an honest kid just saved me.

I told the lady at the school that the kid deserves an award.  She laughed and said yes
An honest kid in this day and age. They still exist.

Perhaps the world isn’t all that fucked up after all.

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