Finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean.

One word of advice: Just go in and enjoy the ride. Don’t think about it too much.

I did just that. And I had a blast.

Then again, we almost had a private theater. It was me and B and 2 other ladies at the other end of the theater. That’s it.

For those who’ve seen it, highlight the next part to read a little more. Otherwise, skip to the bottom, you.

I–actually we–want a wedding like that! LOL. Gosh. How awesome would that be! A pirate wedding, on a ship. I’ll take a boatload of Bonine for a vow renewal like this one. Hahah!

Like I said, I left all expectations and logic outside the theater. I had a terrific time. Otherwise, you’ll start analyzing the plot points and logistics and this and that and you won’t have as much fun.

Oh, Norrington. Back to his old self. I miss the tanned, bearded and bitter one.

I was a little disappointed with Calypso being released. I mean, I thought she’d unleash something crazy. Like tossing the ships around in gigantic waves, summon thunders, or go nuts on Davie Jones’ ass for having captured her the first time around. Or something. You know, the whole woman scorned stuff. Maybe something to do with the army of crabs she turned herself into. At which point I leaned into Brandon to say, “Wow. That’s a load of crabs.” But all we got was some rain and a maelstrom. That’s it. That wasn’t as much fun as it should’ve been.

Anyway. I thought I’d share.

Now, to bed I go. Yaaarrgh.

P.S. I decided on being a Jedi for Halloween. Hey, October comes I won’t have a lot of time because of my big event. I must plan early. I think I’ll buy a kid’s costume and make the cloak. Maybe cheaper than making the whole thing. We’ll see.

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  1. Korbua   •  

    Be a yoda! 🙂 Yoda is the best jedi… (at least in my opinion). 🙂

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