A good kind of mad

I am 8 days before I leave for home. Did I tell you that? Yes, I leave in the middle of next week and be back July 9.

I don’t think I’ve ever been this busy before my trip in my life. Then again, that’s called being a responsible, hard working adult.

And you wonder why most of the time I’d rather be a 6 year-old.


We got a call from Justin late in the evening. As it turned out, he couldn’t get the 4th of July week off after all and therefore he had to cancel the road trip with Brandon altogether. Brandon looked a little deflated but I quickly got on the internet and started looking up plane tickets for him. After a brief talk with his dad, everything seems to settle that Brandon is still going out to Red River as plan although he’d be flying alone instead of driving with a bunch of us.

Hey, we have learned now that it’s NEVER our plans. 🙂


“I heard this chaos in the kitchen so I have to check it out,” said one of the coworkers about how he found out Celeste was back at work.

That’s right! The little fireball is back! Yey! She is hanging in there okay. The hand thing actually heals very well so there will not be a surgery for that, thank goodness.

But what a day to have to come back to work though, this girl! Tomorrow is our monthly big meeting and we were running around a lot. And for the first day back, she shouldn’t be involved in that. But she’s a trooper and stuck around to get all of us out of the jam.

Even so, I still left work late and had to catch the alternative bus back to the metro station where Brandon was to pick me up. It was like I was being tested or something because Brandon was stuck on the freeway due to an accident past the station. A 10-minute up the freeway turned into almost 30. I was tired. My feet hurt. Hungry. Needing to pee. And I had cupcakes to make! I didn’t get in the door until almost 8 p.m.Now, onto the cupcakes I baked for the birthday party at work. I thought it would be nicer than just general store bought. It was fun though. I like making food for people.


Crack-of-dawn wake up call for the big monthly meeting. Right after that, an office birthday party featuring my cupcakes. Right after that, an emergency preparedness meeting. Hopefully, I’d get out early and may be I can drive Celeste home. Evening will probably be finishing up photo CD for Nicky.

Nicky’s graduation pictures are cursed to not be easy. LOL. First, we lost the folder from our server then the card was “deleted”. Brandon managed to retrieve almost all of them back and then the server went insane and lost them again. So, yeah. I’m getting them back from Flickr one by one for Nicky. Much fun!


The monthly dinner with the girls which I have to cut a little short so I can bake my last ditch effort to raise money for the Weevils. We are so not going to make the goal. Unless someone drops a big hunk of money on us right now.


A breather of sort. I’d probably hit Target to get all of my going home shopping done. Oh, and Stargate SG-1 series finale. It should be interesting.


AIDS Walk at 8:30. Between that and Nicky’s graduation dinner, I will have to bake a cake for Justin’s mom’s wake. Or if I didn’t get to Target on Friday, I will have to do it then.


Toni’s wake. I’m volunteering to help with the food and what not. Olaina mentioned it here. But Justin is right. Keeping busy keeps my mind off things.

Not to mention, entertaining people–with food, music, or whatever–bring me joy. I should seriously consider going to culinary school and become a caterer, I swear. LOL.

Monday – Wednesday

Completely booked work schedule plus 3 ads to all go out before I leave. Pretty much, I have to write up a bunch of documentations for folks filling in for me while I’m gone. Plus a few meetings in there as well.

So, that, in a nutshell, is my next few days leading up to the trip.

My god.

I am SO not prepared.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    I think maybe we really are those freaky dolls whose heads spin around. Justin and I are SO tired and SO overwhelmed, but at the same time I want to find out if there’s anything I can do FOR you. Is there?

    Meanwhile, there’s the slide show for Toni’s wake (all scanned, now just need color manipulation), the photos from Jason’s wedding (no scanning, but about 800 or 1000 of them…) and the handmade announcements for the wake… plus the wedding of the CENTURY on Saturday (day before wake…). The wedding is Sat, but my active role begins on Thurs. Go figure.

    OK. Fine, Oaks. Now I have to blog my days… maybe having it written out like that will help me not keep freaking about it all.

    And, just so you know, you don’t HAVE to bake a cake. You can buy cookies at Target if you want–I’ll just be glad to see you (though if it’s too tough, I’d also understand.)

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