I’ve got the fever

Sinus infection + exhaustion due to stress = crazy ass sore throat, cough and fever spike.

“No fever yet?” my doctor asked this morning.

“Just low grade,99.7 or so,” I said.

“Oh. It’s going to get a lot worse,” she said.

And she was right. Around 1 p.m. I clocked in at 102.2. I think I broke my own record there.

I’m on this super strength once a day antibiotics which makes me queasy. Sudafed to help clears the ears so I can fly. Airborne and antioxidant mango juice from Trader Joe’s to keep up the fight. And Tylenol to keep me comfortable…doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything though.

It’s 7 p.m. This is the first time my fever is down lower than 100. Hey, 99.9 IS lower than 100. Gotta count my blessing.

My doctor is concern about keeping my ears cleared for the flight. I’m taking Sudafed religiously at the moment. Hopefully, I will survive.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    Oh no! Just when I was marveling at the do-it-all Oakleyness of you, here you are sick.

    I myself have been paralytically exhausted today–was late to walk the doggies this morning, got the few necessary errands done and then forced myself to sit in the Espresso Garden and drink coffee and work on photos and cards instead of napping so that hopefully I can sleep tonight.

    Justin says this is no time to avoid becoming addicted to Ambien. He says we need our sleep. He apparently is correct.

    Meanwhile, I am trying to transfer all my meds to CVS because the Navy people are so incompetent.

    I hope you feel better soon! I’d feel bad that you were ill, except that would be taking more responsiblity than I should for other people… but you and I both need to learn not to do so darn much.

    Talk to you soon, I hope. I’d call, but I’m hoping you are sleeping well at the moment.

    Don’t worry about anything! Just take care of yourself and be there for your mommy if you can.


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