Nihao from Taipei!

Hi guys!

Amazingly, I survived the flight from LAX to Taipei.  Kicking it here, sweating like a pig…I mean, getting acclamated to the Asian summer, in the free internet nook in the airport.  I have 3 hours to kill so I started pacing the airport and found this.  So, hooray!

I had a great flight.  I ended up sitting at the exit aisle, leg rooms galore.  Not that I need that much.  But my flight buddy did though.  This Chicago med school kid named Dot was en route to visit family in Vietnam.  We had a good time chatting and watching movies together…well, he watched “Shooter” on his screen, and me on mine.  We agreed that it sucked.  LOL.  And thank god the subject of undergrad didn’t come up until we landed.  Yep.  Dot was a bruin.  Hahah!

My ears did wonderfully.  The EarPlane thing worked well on take off but I think I might have put it on too early for landing.  I ended up taking them out and put up with the pop on my own. 

As for the fever, I think that stopped.  I mean, I can’t really tell now. Like I said, I’m sweating like a pig!  Too bad I can email you guys some pictures.  Sunrise over the Taipei airport is pretty neat.

A line is forming outside this little nook, so I’d better scurry.  Just want to let everyone knows I’m almost home.  And thanks for all the good wishes!


  1. Olaina   •  

    Goooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oaks!

    Wonder Woman is back on track!

    I’m trying to decide between capes and T-shirts. I think maybe the capes are more practical. 🙂

  2. Tiffany   •  

    Yippy almost home! Thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery! I am checking for updates! Lov you!

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