Staying awake

Just keeping awake right now, y’all. This is the hardest time for my jet lag little head to stay awake. So, here I am in dad’s office, working away at work stuff and now, I’m blogging.

I also sat in a meeting with dad, Onk, and my uncle and the consultants from Jones Lang LaSalle to discuss our future family business. Interesting to see the flip side as one of the consultants is an American who speaks fluent Thai. 🙂

Earlier today, I visited my mom after getting my new Thai ID card. She played with us just a little bit today. Her friend asked if it was okay for her to leave, mom said “Okay”. We were watching Animal Planet, of course, and it was a Hollywood wild animal trainer playing with a lion cub. I asked mom if she’d like us to get cub for her to play with. Mom, who hates/fears cats, waved her hand quite frantically for her. LOL.

A few moments like these are pretty good. The rest is just scary.

Aunty Sida and dad are pulling some strings to get mom over to the government hospital. According to Aunty Sida who talked to the doctor yesterday, the breathing difficulty is the beginning of the dreaded Road to the End. We haven’t told dad that yet.

But he seems to know though. At least he was clued in on the whole 6-month prognosis thing. Actually, yet another snippet I didn’t know, is that the prognosis was actually made about 4 months ago.

They didn’t tell me until now.

Good going, team. I could’ve planned this out so much better. But then again, I knew they didn’t want to jinx anything. It’s very Thai of them.

Thanks to Olaina’s blog, with her chronicling the last days of Toni, it’s like a map for me to follow. Because of that, maybe I am more prepared than the rest of them. Maybe.

Oh, and talking about the great circle of life.

Yesterday I went to dinner with my schoolmates after playing with my friend Joy’s baby all afternoon. One of the girls brought her 10-month old baby girl. Smart little kid! After introducing her to all of the aunties a few time, when asked “Where’s Aunty Oakley?”, she correctly pointed to me! So cute!

And while dining, another friend called. She was at the hospital with her mom. As it turns out, the same hospital as mine. As it turns out even more, they’re on the same floor. Her mom just came out of a surgery for intestinal cancer and there was some complication with the surgery.

A few new babies. A few dying mothers.

Welcome to being 30.

I will have to get the Starbucks out of the fridge. I have to stay awake at least a few more hours tonight. Suddenly, I have myself some appointments this evening.

Tonight we’ll head back out to see mom for a few hours, dad and I. Then I MAY have to skip dinner at home (still waiting to tell my dad…been in 3 different meetings since 2 p.m.) to meet up with the famous Stephen Cleary of the Nation newspaper, known to me as Steve Suphan of He’s in town from the provinces for the night so we’ll grab a bit of boozies over at the pub a block down from me. It’s easier for a boy to travel through the city at night and a girl so he’s coming over this way.

Oh how I need the boozies. And dammit…they probably won’t have any Guinness. Oh well. I can always order a shot of something.

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  1. nomad4ever   •  

    Jetlag is nasty and most people don’t take it seriously but complain about its consequences.

    I had good experience with Melatonin pills, taken already during the flight. Okay it may know you off and you’ll surely miss the inflight movies, but you will feel so much better when arriving at your destination.

    Will save you the first 1-2 days for adjustment and you can power ahead instead and enjoy your destination better.


    Cheers from Bali,


    Life is what you make it!

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