Mom has been sleeping on and off most of the day today. Not much to report but the lung infection is still there and there seems to be something else going on as well.

Well, let’s see what I’ve been up to since the last time we talked.

Wednesday, we moved mom from BNH to Chulalongkorn Hospital. Just as we were ready to move her, mom went and developed a high fever so they kept her a few more hours. During that time, I was shuttled to my dentist. You know your dentist really cares about you when he actually came into the office just for me. He usually comes in every other Wednesday and the day I was there was supposed to be his off day. “I didn’t see you last year,” he said, “so I thought I’d come in.” He is also looking into some kind of fluoride foam for mom to use.

I heart my dentist.

Lily came to pick me up that evening and we went to MBK for dinner and to walk around, hunting for some cell phone charms. Mom surprised all of us when Lily showed up.

“Have you eaten?” she asked.

“You asked her a question. Do you even know who she is?” teased Kob, the caregiver.

“Lily” mom replied.

That was the most she has said in days.

By the time Lily and I got to MBK most stalls have closed already. Then we walked over to the National Stadium to meet with May. She played already but she was there watching. We hung out a while then Lily and I headed home.

Thursday was a bit less eventful. I went early to get a haircut but ended up touristing it at Starbucks for almost and hour waiting for the place to open. Then I was at the hospital with mom the rest of the day. She didn’t play with us at all. The switch was off.

May came over later in the evening and mom, who usually warms up to new people, didn’t even acknowledge her. A surprise to us.

Later on, dad came to get me. We went to Central World Plaza, my first time there since they renovated the place. I was in awe at how cool it is there now. Dad and I hit the Food Loft, had Vietnamese and Korean Bi Bim Bop with a glass each of Australian wine. Talk about international cuisine. Then we ran back to the theater for “Live Free or Die Hard”…aka. Die Hard 4.0 here in Asia. I was amazed that I managed to fall asleep here and there through out the movie. I never fall asleep at a movie! But hey, a glass of wine and a boring story can do that do you.

Today was an all day at the hospital. Mom was asleep off and on all day so there wasn’t much to report. I left earlier than I planned because a) it’s raining and b) with the way she’s been all day, I don’t think mom would know I went home already.

Tonight is dinner with the family. Tomorrow I suppose to meet up with my blogger girls, Kitty and Bua. And as I read over at Kitty’s, they have something planned for me. I’d better call them to confirm. 🙂 I asked Tong and Lily to take me out as well…so I have to coordinate now.


…I need a real vacation after this…

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  1. Olaina   •  

    My God, yes, you do need a real vacation. It’s extraordinary how exhausting it is to do what you’re doing, even if it is punctuated by breaks with friends (like you and Brandon “rescuing” me and Justin now and then).

    I don’t remember what I told you already, but in one of the hospice books it said that the person starts sleeping more throughout the day because there’s inner work being done. Like the first part of the week Toni interacted with us a lot, relative to when she was awake, but later she wasn’t so involved. Even when her old best friend visited. Also, the erratic breathing is part of the process. Scary and horrible, but there it is.

    Does she still have a food tube?

    I hope you get a real vacation when you get back… maybe at least some lavender infused creme brule.


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