Circular Logic Processor

Starbucks is such a wonderful place to hear random conversations. This guy, we’ll call him UberGeek, was telling a story that goes like this.

Ms. DumbAss pops out of her office as UberGeek walks down the hallway.

Ms. DumbAss: Hey, Computer Guy! (From the gist of it, dude’s a programmer, not even an IT support guy.) Can I ask you a question?

UberGeek: Sure. (Being awfully nice) What can I help you with?

DA: What size monitor is this?

UB: That would be a 17-inch flat panel monitor.

DA: Oh, I bought this glare reducing screen and it doesn’t fit.

UB: Well, with a flat panel you really don’t need a glare screen since they don’t reflect light like a regular monitor.

DA: Yes, it does! I ordered one for a 17-inch monitor and it doesn’t fit. I just need to know what size monitor I have.

UB: Well it’s a 17-inch FLAT PANEL.

DA: But that’s what I ordered and it doesn’t fit!

UB: You ordered a glare screen for a REGULAR monitor. Those are the TV tube looking ones. You won’t find one in a catalog for a Flat Panel because Flat Panel monitors DO NOT reflect light. My only suggestion if you REALLY want one is to possibly buy one for a 19-inch monitor and let it hang over the edge.

DA: But you just said I had a 17-inch monitor.

UB: Yes, yes I did. [Pause … apparently being glared at by DA] Is there anything else I can help you with?

DA: I wish you would stop messing with me and tell me what I need to know.

UB: I’m sorry, but I have an issue with a circular logic processor that’s not working right that I have to get back to. Good luck on your glare screen issue.


In general news, I had lunch with my coworkers and Rose yesterday. It was nice of her to come out to town. We all wish her the best when she’s off to Cornell for the next few weeks!

And if I haven’t mentioned yet, my former colleague Tiffany is back in Downtown LA, across the street from us! It was like old time all over again because we can do lunch and meet for coffee. She’s adjusting to the new environment, so send her some good vibes.

Also, if you haven’t checked out my friend Olaina’s blog yet, you should. And you should help us make more requests to see her pink flamingo picture!

See? I’m not always THAT crazy. Occasional dabble in insanity is healthy. I think…

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