2 new ones for yours truly.

First, following the footsteps of Pondering Mumbling, I started a blog at the Nation website. That’s Thailand’s English language newspaper I used to write for a long, long time ago. I’ll be about life in the US v.s. in Thailand for a Thai expat. It’ll be more impulsive than my entries at Thai-Blogs, but ought to be entertaining.

We’ll see just how long I can keep up with that one. So, I’m not going to put it on my blogroll just yet.

Secondly, I have purchased the fabric for my Halloween costume.

Yes, my darlings. I will be a Jedi this fall.

Sure, everything costs more than what I would pay if I was to just buy a kid’s costume. And the efforts! But hey, if I ever have to go to a Con, I am not going to embarrass myself all that much.
And no, I am NOT aiming for 100% accuracy. Just getting by with what I’ve got is all.

So I am making the top and the robe. The pants will probably be a pair of sweats or khaki pants which I need anyway. The boots? I will have to girl up the Jedi and just wear my trusty knee-high boots. It worked for me as Captain Bubbles…

Pretty much just trying to fill idle time with something busy. You know me, idling means thinking too much. And that never works out really well for me.

YES! Busy with hobbies! Busy is GOOD! 🙂

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  1. Demi-boss   •  

    Funny, Sam just came upstairs and declared that we need to get started preparing for Halloween. He has a “vision” for our becoming the scariest house on the block. Clearly there is something in the air!

    Congrats on the new blog.

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