I decided to start a new categories on the blog, “Hobbying”.

Then I got to thinking, just exactly how many hobbies do I have? Does anyone have this many hobbies? I mean, if they define what I do as a hobby.

Ah! Dilemma from the weirdest corner of my mind!

MSN defines hobby as “enjoyable activity: an activity engaged in for pleasure and relaxation during spare time”.

For sure, I do have a few honest to goodness hobbies:

#1 Blogging.Duh! 🙂 I blog here, there, over there, and now there too. I love it! I mean, I get to write about whatever and however. Not quite whenever, but whenever possible. If I can do this for a living, that would be kind of cool.

#2 Cooking. I mean, outside of the usual dinner of the same ol’ repertoire, cooking would be considered a hobby of mine. I am certainly enthusiastic about it!

#3 Playing the piano/guitar and singing. Although I can’t guarantee that it is pleasurable for everyone else. LOL.

#4 Geocaching. A new obsession. 🙂


But then there are the other “enjoyable activities” that I can’t quite categorize. I mean, these wouldn’t fall into a traditional “Hobby” definition. But then again, they ARE things I engaged for pleasure during my spare time.

I don’t consider “reading” as my hobby because I don’t read religiously or consistently (except for Harry Potter and Harry Dresden!) like Rude Cactus. But then again, by having a book bedside to read when the mood strikes is more than most people. So, some may consider that a hobby.

You know what I mean? Where do I draw the line of something being a hobby and when it’s just, well, something that you do?


?? Drinking. LOL. I love me a glass here, a pint there. Does that make it a hobby? Or do I have to know all about the wine and become an enthusiast / wine snob or do I need to have consumed beer from 80 different countries to consider “drinking” a hobby?

?? Photography. I am no Ansel Adams, obviously. But I like taking pictures. All kinds of pictures. I don’t go out on a weekend searching to just take pictures but I will bring a camera along just to see what may happen by for me to take a picture of. I don’t go into a dark room to develop film. I don’t go to gallery to study other people’s works. But pointing a camera at someone and capturing the moment, now that’s pleasure during my spare time. But is it a hobby if I’m not all into it though?

?? Geeking Out. I am not a gamer like my hubby but I can talk about that. I dabble occasionally with my oddest choice for games but I don’t live and die by it like I do with my #1-3 hobbies. I go crazy with all the geeky stuff but I don’t employ that full time like many other full-blown geeks. I mean, they’d look at me as Geekdom’s village idiot, or worse, a wannabe. I am interested but I am not 100% immersed. Does that make geeking out a hobby? Or I’m just a geek, period?

?? Sewing. Well, I do own a sewing machine. I have made costume pieces in the past. And I am picking them up again now. It has become a Halloween tradition, I guess. But I don’t sew on a regular basis like folks who, you know, REALLY sew. Will this count as a hobby or as a temporary lapse of judgment…I meant…a project?

?? Getting People Together. At least once a month I get my coworkers out drinking. Like tonight! We even invited a few strangers into the group and turned out to have a great time over all. I grab people to go do group things like Ren Faire or seeing a movie or having dinner. I can do it and I do it well and I love doing it. But is that a hobby? Or is that just another bit of OakMonster’s magic ability or is it to be filed as a personality disorder?


Okay.  Too much thinking for my own good.  I’m going to bed.  But you guys get to think on this some more and help me define my own tangled thought.

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