Social Calendar Explosion

Suddenly, I’m all over the place! That is why I haven’t really written much.

Tuesday night, I led my fearless coworkers out to an early night of drinking at the Library Bar. It was so GOOD to be home! 🙂 (Well, we WERE going to the tres chic Edison but they were closed for private party.)

In addition to our crew, we made some new friends from that Big Bank Across the Street. The gentlemen came to our event last month and a few contact emails later, they were inviting us out to drinks and vice versa. And voila! Instant new friends and drinking buddies!

See? I like this better than going to a networking event somewhere and pretend to make new friends.

And then my friend Amber is in town from Colorado. Nora drove her up to Costa Mesa and I went down to meet them for dinner last night. We drove around, looking for a place to eat and ended up at this hole in the wall joint called Taco & Co. in the strip mall across the street from Maggiano’s. And oh my god was their food GOOD! (I’ll write more over at the food blog.)

After dinner, Amber mentioned that a friend of hers from the Bay Area is also in town, staying in Commerce. The next thing I knew, our little caravan headed to O’Malley’s in Seal Beach where her friend later joined us. I would’ve stayed late and be exhausted at work for Amber but I had to cut the evening short because I really didn’t want to punch out her friend.

Some people have the social skills to make a few jokes about football rivalry and have a quick lively banter and then move on to better things. Some people don’t have that filter. Needless to say, after the 6th or so times of “USC football players can’t even read”–and by the way, we changed the subject from football to something else after about the 3rd time he brought up with the same point–I downed the last 1/3 of my beer in one giant gulp and said goodnight to Amber.  Like I said, if his records kept skipping and repeating like that, I may have to hit him to get it to stop.  Don’t really want to embrace that much violence with my state of mind these days.  I could get seriously ugly.
Oh, my Gridiron Goddess would have throw gazillion stats in this guy’s face. But seriously, your team lost to us for the past 10 years. And the best you can come up with is “USC players can’t read” and “USC buys everything” and repeat that 6+ times? They may not be able to read but they can kick yer ass. And yes, it’s true. Money can buy everything. 😉

Anyways. So there’s that. And then Saturday I am meeting my friends Terence and Angela for lunch.

Next Tuesday, my company has yet another official function. I didn’t have to work hard on that one. Just taking some pictures and help setting up. Booze and art exhibit are involved so I’m all there. And then Wednesday after that is our company potluck.

After a few weeks of quiet, suddenly I’m everywhere. It’s crazy!

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  1. elHeffe (Jeff)   •  

    LOL! Love the blog! I feel privileged to have been introduced to the Oakmonster.

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