It’s like snorkeling

Hi. I’m alive. Sorry for disappearing.

The social calendar has become a nuclear fusion. Folks start to pop in to say “Hi, how are ya? Let’s have lunch/dinner/go shopping/go to the movie!” from all directions.

Dios mio! I don’t even have time to do laundry! I mean, I have been wearing skirts 2 days in a row and that is starting to scare people in the office. LOL. Pretty much, I have 2 pairs of standard pants that I’d wear, the gray one and the black with pin stripes. Occasionally, I’ll go with skirts. So, when I run out of pants, like I am right now, (my back up brown pants are dry-clean only, and it is at the cleaner…poor planning on my part) I have to dive deep for some skirts and dresses I don’t usually wear.

Celeste said that I should stop doing laundry more often because it forces me to dress all girly. To that, Brandon said Celeste is not going to be invited to our barbecues. Hahah!

My problem with dressing girlies is NOT the skirts or the dresses. It’s the shoes.

I have never been comfortable with heels to start with. Chunky heels are fine, but stilletos, for-fucking-get it. And of course, now that my right ankle has issues with heels, I avoid wearing “real shoes”, as the girls call it, like the plague.

Even though I am no fashionista, but I try to do right by the book. If I am going to dress pretty, my shoes have to go along with that. So, yeah. I dress based on my shoes. And I prefer my tennies which usually well coordinated with my outfit.

So, there you go. Now you know my dilemma. But anyways. That’s a VERY long digression. 🙂

Last night was a work thing. All I have to say is that Poetics of the Handmade at MOCA rocks my socks off especially this piece in this room. I had a meeting then dim sum lunch with the ladies from another non-profit (Thanks, Deb and Lisa!) then another meeting but I was spared the last meeting as it was moved to Friday. My day suddenly looked like one of Rude Cactus’!

Tomorrow I’m having lunch with elHeffe and dinner with my girls. Friday night, we’re off to see Stardust with Brandon’s high school friend Rachel. And this weekend is starting to look a little full.

All in all, I’m moving everything forward and trying not to think too much about a piece of news I got from my brother a few nights ago.

“Mom’s eyes have gotten a bit yellow. They’re running some blood test now,” he said.

It seems jaundice may be settling in. Then again, I watched wayyy too much House.

“The aunties are all in a panic over here. I don’t think it’s anything just yet.”

Well, shit, dude. I’m panicking over here too! I did some research and if mom’s liver is actually failing, depending on the rate of failure, we have between one week to one month. But then again, my brothers and my dad have a very positive view of things. Until the doctors say so, there is nothing to worry about. After all, they gave mom less than a year the last time, and here she goes on over a year now.

“Don’t stress about it. When it’s time, it’s time.”

Yep. When it’s time, it’s time. It doesn’t me I can stop worrying about it.

So, I am kind of keeping my head above water. The best I can anyway.

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  1. Olaina   •  

    If you wanna snorkel on down to San Diego one of these days maybe we can work you into our schedule. 😉 Perhaps Justin can teach you to SCUBA–he did really well on the two tests/courses he took/finished while we were practically living in LA. He doesn’t really love being Superman, but you two are what you are, Wonder Woman.


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