Weekend getaway

A lot of escaping I’m doing this weekend.  :)  It’s not just from the mom stuff but work stuff as well.

Our friend Eva quit.  I am in shock.

We took her out to lunch in a big giant group yesterday.  After work, I got off early to start drinking with another former coworker.  They’re staying to hang out with Eva after official clock out hour of 5:30, but I just had the drink and catch my 5 p.m. bus home.  I would’ve loved to stay but I have a more important thing to attend last night.

Brandon and I went to the Bats’ Day Black Market over by Disneyland.

It’s a goth marketplace in conjunction with the annual weekend of goth invasion at Disneyland.  Next year, we plan to go to Bats Day and watch the goths terrorize the tourists.  Muwahhaha! (I’ll have a few pictures posted later.)

Yes, a whole bunch of freaky looking folks walking around the Happiest Place on Earth pretending not to have any fun. 😉

Brandon’s high school friend Rachael has a booth at the Black Market, selling custom jewelry and handmade soap. I wandered around and bought myself a spiked leather bracer, met Suzi Boneshaker, and had a great time watching goths of all persuasions and ages.  All these goth kids!  I mean, not teenagers but real kids.  And goth grandmas.  Oh my god, was that amazing.

And then there are me and Brandon in our regular clothes, lurking around the place.  At least we wore black shirts.

I also embarrassed myself when the artist who created Emily the Strange asked me if I want her autograph. I thought she said, “Do you anything else?” when she said “Do you want an autograph?” and I said “let me look around and I’ll come back later”. Doh!  But I did get an autographed from Stacy Strange which I will frame and hang in my office.

Today, we’re going down to San Diego.  A little escape for me and Brandon both.  We will be hanging out with Justin and Olaina…at the San Diego Zoo.

I have never been to an American zoo before, just aquariums.  The last zoo I’ve been to, if I remember correctly, was the zoos in Australia…when I went was 12.

Better get rolling.  We have to be there around noonish.

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend yourself!!

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  1. john adams   •  

    just to say this is the 1st time i have read your blog, Dee Maak

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